That Vladimir Putin is really getting around! He seems to being blamed for everything these days. I am surprised that Mariah Carey has yet to blame Putin for the alleged sabotage of the Dick Clark New Years Eve broadcast. Carey appeared to be in a daze as she hardly bothered to lip synch her song while performing. Even her stage antics were lack-luster and dull. She looked to me as if she were just phoning-it-in. Her managers are blaming the TV show′s producers, but who is really to blame? Perhaps Vladimir Putin drugged her without her knowledge, then had a team of FSB hackers mess up the show′s sound system? Its as good as any other alleged claim being tossed around by Barack Obama and The Media these days.

mariah carey sabotaged

Take, for example, the Washington Post story about how Russian hackers disrupted Vermont′s electrical grid. An alleged Russian malware virus was said to be the cause. But, it turns out that the infected laptop was never networked with the computer system controlling the grid. More ′Fake News′ by The Media? John McCain thinks it was an ′Act of War′. However, it was more likely a case of an ′Act of Porn′. I may just be guessing here, but it seems more likely that whoever owned that laptop was using it for purposes other than work. That makes more sense on how it got infected. Much more so then some alleged Russian hacking plot.

Even the Far-Left rag, Rolling Stone Magazine is now questioning the validity of the story of how hackers from Russia, under Putin′s orders, interfered with our elections. President-Elect Donald J. Trump says that he will make an announcement on this subject Tuesday or Wednesday, revealing all that he has learned on the matter. Given the Obama administration′s care-free way about telling lies to cover-up its own failings, it is hard to believe them now about the Russian hacking.

As for Mariah Carey, I can think of several other reasons why her performance stunk. Seriously, what else can you expect when singers begin to depend so heavily on technology? Look at how many now rely on lip synching since they cannot naturally reproduce the vocalizations they create in a studio setting. Stage performances are now hardly what I would describe as being ′Live′. Sorry, Mariah, but maybe its time to look into doing a different genre of music. One which you can still do live on stage without all the hoopla.

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