2016 is now in the history books. Happy New Year 2017 to all from RightPundits! Yes, the first full ′Year of Trump′ is over as we prepare for the second. Despite a terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey, and some bad lip synching from Mariah Carey in New York City′s Times Square, much of the country is fuzzy from New Year Eve hang overs. So, as has been a tradition here, I present to you some 2017 psychic predictions. Once again we call upon the Amazing Zarnack, who, from his inner sanctum deep within a crystal pyramid, accurately predicted Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton. Zarnack the Great, Master of the Tarot, also predicted Trump would win way back in our 2016 psychic predictions last January 1st. Of course, Zarnack was using his other alias, Zarnod the Great. So we wait with baited breath to see what Zarnack′s tarot cards come up with this year…

2017 psychic predictions

Zarnack relies on the ten-card spread known as the Celtic Cross. Here are the cards as he dealt them out: 3 of Cups (inverted), Prince of Wands, Queen of Pentacles, 4 of Wands, The Moon (inverted), 8 of Cups, 6 of Swords (inverted), 9 of Pentacles, The Emperor, 3 of Pentacles (inverted). ″An interesting flow of cards″, says Zarnack.

The first card, which denotes ′Present Influences′, is the 3 of Cups inverted or reversed. This would tend to signal a lack of understanding of one′s feelings. Perhaps the uneasiness of many in the country as to how a change in leadership will unfold? Particularly given that the second card, which crosses over the first, a ′Present Event′, is the Prince of Wands. In a general term, it indicates manifestation. A completion of a cycle. Obviously the soon-to-be exit of Barack Obama.

The third card, indicating a past event which is affecting the present, is the Queen of Pentacles. This card heralds the entry of Donald Trump into our lives. Pentacles is a physical reality. Health and money issues. The Queen represents the beginning, Spring if you would. The seed for a new crop is planted! The fourth card is a past or passing influence, the 4 of Wands. This is a very constructive card, indicating a gathering of ideas, of new plans, of building and restoration. Make America Great Again? You Betcha!

The fifth card, a ′Future Event′, is The Moon in reverse. Here we see refusal to accept the situation. Much of the country will balk at the changes coming. The sixth card, ′Future Influences′, is the 8 of Cups. Logic and Common Sense prevail. The heart and mind act as one in harmony! Over time, Trump will gain acceptance, but it will not be easy. Particularly since the 7th card, our ′Present Environment′, is the 6 of Swords in reverse. We live in a state where our leaders have failed to do what is right. Even worse, they may have perverted sacrifice and virtue itself.

But fear not, as the 8th card, ′External View′, is the 9 of Pentacles. This is a very strong card, indeed. One of bounty and growth. Despite everything, most people see the best of our nation and have faith in it. The 9th card, ′Hope and Fears′, is The Emperor. A powerful, Major Arcane card. This card is all good, even when its reversed! But for this spread, it came out right-side-up, which denotes wisdom in particular. However, this may be short-term as we see that the 10th card, the ′Final Outcome′ is the 3 of Pentacles in reverse. This card usually involves land, such as national borders. Zarnack interprets this to show that Trump may have trouble getting his wall started this year. However, he also notes that this card in its inverted form often also indicates greed. Perhaps the ′Trump Bump′ for the economy will have some negative effects, such as increased cocaine use by the wealthy. Yep, it could signal the 1980s all over again, which may not be such a bad thing in the long run.

So there it is, your 2017 psychic prediction as per Zarnack the Great, Master of the Tarot. He did beat out Nate Silver and the betting rooms in London by accurately predicting that Donald Trump would win the presidency. All in all, Zarnack believes that the spread is a positive one. One recurring theme is that Common Sense will be making a come back. That, by itself, is a good thing! We also see that the trend for 2017 will be one of optimism. Faith and positive outlooks will rule over us. Once again, have a Happy New Year!! Zarnack believes it will be a good one!

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