Hey, Barack Obama, the 1980s called and they want their foreign policy back! That was the ′joke′ that Obama told Mitt Romney back during the 2012 debates when Romney mentioned that Russia was still a threat to us. Four years later, Obama seems to be agreeing, imposing new sanctions on Russia. Two ′compounds′ owned by the Russian government will be forced to close and some 35 diplomats are being expelled. These diplomats are accused of being intelligence officers belonging to the FSB, the successor to the KGB, and the GRU, which is the Russian military intel org. Russia′s foreign ministry is calling on an equal response, but there are signs that President Vladimir Putin may hold off in respect to President-Elect Donald J. Trump. Obama is getting no respect from Putin and even the Russian Embassy in the UK tweeted on Twitter about Obama being a lame duck.

Obama Russia sanctions

I was really hoping after the election to not have to write anymore about Obama. As far as I′m concerned, Obama became politically irrelevant about three days after he won reelection in 2012. The Obama administration devolved into a total disaster shortly after entering the White House back in 2009. For his first two years, Obama basically handed over the country to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi while Obama went on a world apology tour, in between rounds of golf and expensive vacations.

Barack Obama turned into a worldwide joke quickly and it has been getting worse since. A few weeks ago, Obama got into a pissing contest with the president of the Philippines, who called Obama some downright ugly names. They want the United States to get out once and for all, making inroads with the Chinese. Shortly after that, we had the incident where a US Navy research ship lost its sonar drone just outside Philippine waters. I have to wonder if they tipped China off as to what we were doing and gave the Chinese a wink to cause some trouble?

There is no doubt that America′s standing on the world stage has declined thanks to Obama, as well as to Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Hillary did Obama′s bidding in making a huge mess across the Middle East and northern Africa supporting the so-called ′Arab Spring′. Kerry has kept up the disaster pushing the Iran nuclear deal and now attacking Israel. With just three weeks left to go, I wonder if Obama will try to ruin one more relationship with an ally, most likely the UK? Obama has never liked the British since his polygamist, Commie father′s family fought against British rule in Kenya. One of Obama′s first acts in office in 2009 was sending back a bust of Winston Churchill, presented to George W. Bush after the 9/11 attacks.

Even when Obama tries to act tough, he comes off as a weakling. For the most part, he does nothing at all in regions where there is real trouble. He abandoned Iraq by not negotiating a ′Status of Forces′ accommodation with the Iraqi government. This allowed Al Qaeda and ISIS to flourish in the region. Obama has literally given the Taliban the green light to retake Afghanistan. Of course, we have the Iran nuclear deal, which threatens world stability and Israel directly. Places like Dafur, Sudan, Congo, and Nigeria have become slaughter houses as factions exterminate each other for control of strategic resources.

Obama′s recent obsession with Russia is clearly an exercise in deflecting blame for his policy failures and the over all poor leadership which resulted in Hillary Clinton losing the election. Even Ben Stein, the senior political editor and writer for the Huffington Post has come out blaming Obama for ruining the Democratic Party. During his 8 years, Obama has cost the Democrats some 1,000 state and federal elected offices. The DNC is in shambles with the party in its worst shape since the early 1920s. Oddly enough, what ruined the Democratic Party back then was the very same ′Progressive′ ideology which Obama clings to today.

So, instead of taking it easy as a lame duck, Barack Obama keeps acting like he is the leader of the free world. Something he was never comfortable with nor capable of actually doing. Obama is busy signing executive orders and such to cause as much trouble as he can for the incoming Donald Trump administration. The Obama Russia sanctions are just one more example of this tom-foolery. Luckily, it seems that President Vladimir Putin has more respect for President-Elect Donald J. Trump than he does for the lame duck Obama.

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