With just 23 days left in office, Barack Hussein Obama seems hell-bent-for-leather to create another holocaust for Israel. Just days ago, the Obama administration abstained in a UN Security Council vote denouncing Israel. There is rumored to be evidence that the Obama White House orchestrated the UN resolution, even drafting specific language to justify the abstention. Today, John Kerry will deliver a speech on Middle East ′peace′, which, most likely will justify another war against Israel. Obama has made no secret that he wants Israel to vacate all territory occupied by Israel since the 1967 war. Last Friday′s UN resolution specifically includes Israel giving up the the ′Jewish Quarter′ of eastern Jerusalem, where Jews have resided for over a 1,000 years. Also included is one of the holiest sites for the Jewish people, the famous ′Wailing Wall′. Why is Obama doing this?

Obama Israel

There seems little doubt that Barack Hussein Obama wants to do whatever he can to create a political firestorm before leaving office. Instead of accepting the defeat of his chosen replacement, Hillary Clinton, Obama is refusing to go away quietly. On Monday, Obama boasted that he could have won a third term had he ran against President-Elect Donald J. Trump. A delusional boast, given that Obama, himself, received fewer popular votes in 2012 as he had in 2008. There is little doubt that he would have received even fewer in 2016.

Instead of accepting the election results, and working for a peaceful transfer of power to the incoming Trump administration, Obama is acting like an arsonist, destroying as much as possible before he retreats into obscurity. He is leaving land mines for Trump, such as the banning of all new oil exploration along the Atlantic coast and the high Arctic. Late Friday, Obama signed into law a measure which would establish a literal ′Ministry of Propaganda′, trashing the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Early last Friday, Obama allowed the UN resolution against Israel to pass, setting the stage for another potential war in the Middle East.

Barack Hussein Obama has never been a friend of Israel, nor of the Jewish people. For 20 years he belonged to a Black Liberation church which worked along side the Nation of Islam, headquartered in Chicago. His wife, Michelle Obama, even appeared on the cover of Rev. Wright′s church magazine, The Trumpet, three times, including once with the wife of Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam. After being elected in 2008, Obama has been outwardly hostile to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During one visit to the White House, Netanyahu was escorted out the back door normally used for taking trash to the garbage bins. Years later, during a ′hot mic′ incident, Obama complained about Netanyahu to the President of France.

With all of the recent blather about how Russia may have tried to influence the US elections, Barack Hussein Obama did a great deal to influence the elections in Israel to get rid of Netanyahu. While Obama tries to act friendly with Israel publicly over the years, mainly in order to curry support and campaign donations from Jewish-American voters, Obama has always been opposing Israel wherever and whenever he could. Many can argue that part of the whole ′Arab Spring′ plan hatched by Obama and Hillary Clinton was to put in place radical Islamic governments in the nations surrounding Israel as a prelude to a final war. The recent Iran nuclear deal is yet another sign that Obama does not Israel to survive much longer as a nation.

Today′s speech by John Kerry is being billed as a new peace initiative for the Middle East. Rather odd considering that Kerry will soon be out of the State Department. Kerry and Obama should not be doing anything which would hamper the incoming administration of President-Elect Donald J. Trump. What Obama is doing is outrageous! All of his actions of the past 5 weeks have been unprecedented in regards to being an outgoing administration. George W. Bush did absolutely nothing in his last several months in office without Obama′s blessing, even before Obama was elected. In 2000, Bill Clinton likewise did nothing to effect Bush′43, even taking a pass on responding to the bombing of the USS Cole by Al Qaeda.

But that is not what we get from the megalomaniac-man-child Barack Hussein Obama. He is out to destroy as much as possible of America′s freedoms and liberties, as well as those of our best allies. Obama is literally loading bullets into the guns of Israel′s enemies himself. As if giving Iran carte blanche to build a nuke to destroy Israel was not enough. Obama will not be happy until Israel is reduced to a pile of ashes.

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