Back in a simpler time in America, all we wanted for Christmas was our two front teeth. But after 8 years of a divisive Barack Obama, the country is split and shattered. Extremists of all stripes have been growing in numbers. A professor at Drexel University, George Ciccariello-Maher, who teaches a course on racism, made an unusual wish on Twitter yesterday. He tweeted, ″All I want for Christmas is White Genocide″. Oddly enough, he seems to be Caucasian, himself! The school officially has rejected the message and called it, ″utterly reprehensible″. Meanwhile, You-Tube posters Walt Bismark and ′Pistachio Girl′ Emily Youcis are wishing for a Fascist Ethno-State for Christmas. Somehow I do not see any chipmunks signing about either of these Christmas wishes.

Christmas wishes

Well, that is where we are as a society. The funny thing is, if there is any humor in this at all, is that both extremes are actually cut from the same cloth. Yes! I know I am going to piss a whole bunch of people off, but it has to be said! Some factions within the so-called ′Alt-Right′ are actually Liberals. Far-Left Liberals at that! Fascism IS a Far-Left objective. So why Neo-Nazis and their like are associated with ′The Right′ is a major error. A flaw in philosophy.

It always comes back to the basics. The same philosophy behind those promoting White Genocide are actually promoting genocide for all non-Whites. The same can be said of anything uttered by The Media. Whatever they tell us in their newspapers, magazines, websites and TV programs, the exact opposite is true. Obama said he was going to make healthcare cheaper, the price went up! If Hillary said she had permission to use a private email server, she surely didn′t. If Democrats want to lower taxes on the Middle Class or create jobs, they actually intend to raise taxes and kill jobs.

You do not have to go very far to see what I am talking about. In fact, one could say its set in stone! The Georgia Guidestones, for example. That gives the whole Liberal agenda, including reducing the world′s population to less than 500 Million people. Or, take one of the Liberals′ favorite causes, Planned Parenthood. They should call it Planned Infanticide since the organization has very little to do with preparing people to become parents and raise families.

Liberals remind me of the type of Apache Indians mentioned by John Wayne in the John Ford classic, ″The Searchers″. If they say they are going west, they are actually going east. So, it does not surprise me when some Liberal extremist viewpoints are promoted by some in the so-called ′Alt-Right′. We just saw last Friday how Obama and his Liberal allies feel about the nation of Israel when Samantha Powers pretty much flipped Israel the finger during the vote at the United Nations. Anti-Semitism is definitely a Liberal, Far-Left notion. It was bread and butter for the Communists in Soviet Russia and still resides in the hearts of many across the globe.

I have always been an advocate for Capitalism, both as an economic, as well as a political system. In its ideal form, Capitalism is based on the voluntary, freely-derived exchange where the parties, be they individuals, groups or companies, or nation states, conduct transactions for their own mutual benefit. Capitalism is founded on a rather absolutist, metaphysical base, where ′Reality′ is a rock-solid, objective concept. There is little room for subjective notions, like micro-aggressions and political-correctness. Human beings come in two varieties, they are either born as male or female. There are no in-between or extra categories. Some may call it simplistic, but it works!

All I want for Christmas is a Chia-Trump! Nothing says Christmas more than a terracotta figure covered with a green, moss-like vegetation. You can argue the point till you are blue, or red, in the face. If some dummy professor wants to tweet racist comments, I hope that his employers, who probably get some of their funding from taxpayer dollars, send him packing. As for the dummies on You-Tube, whatever funding they get is from advertisers or supporters. One of the reasons I am very optimistic now that Donald Trump has been elected is that he deals in reality. Trump is not mired in ideological swamps. Thus, he will actually get things done, which will surprise many who previously thought ill of him. Sure, the Far-Left will still be unhappy, as will some in the Alt-Right. That is to be expected since, in many regards, they are one in the same. People keep forgetting how the Socialists operate – thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

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