Activate all search radars! Alert all interceptors! Deploy the milk and cookies! The time has come again to follow Santa Claus across the world with NORAD Santa Tracker 2016. Yes, old St. Nick is ready for take off to deliver his bundle of toys to all the girls and boys. The reindeer have been fed and briefed on weather conditions. The sleigh has a fresh coat of paint and has been loaded with sacks of gifts. The countdown to Christmas has begun!

NORAD Santa Tracker

Since 1955, the United States Air Force has been helping Santa Claus by keeping all the children of the world informed as to where he is during his magical, midnight flight. It all started by accident when a newspaper misprinted the wrong telephone number for a Sears store and instead printed the telephone number to CONAD, the Continental Air Defense Command. Well, the Air Force was not about to disappoint millions of children, so they acted quickly and began updating Santa′s location to each caller.

Today, NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, still carries on the tradition. In fact, each year they have been improving their service. Their website includes a map of Santa′s Village at the North Pole, including its movie theater, where you can watch films about NORAD helping Santa, as well as Santa′s Arcade, where you can play many games. NORAD also has included a Gift Shop, where you can send a customized letter to Santa Claus, or even register as an official Santa Tracker, complete with a certificate suitable for framing!

Naturally, the special NORAD Santa Tracker website also provides a continuous track of Santa Claus as he flies around the world. You can watch from a global perspective, or zoom in on Santa and his sleigh as if you were flying alongside him. At times, you will see an escort of jet fighters flying in formation with Santa, making certain that he does not get lost on his mission of joy.

So light the Christmas tree, put on your pajamas and warm up the hot cocoa! The NORAD Santa Tracker 2016 website is ready for action again. The North American Aerospace Defense Command is on the job, staffed by volunteers, to keep you posted as to where Santa Claus is worldwide. You can watch at the website in real-time, or, be updated regularly by way of email, Twitter and other social media. Just go to to join in on the fun and excitement. Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

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