President-Elect Donald J. Trump tweeted on Twitter yesterday about nuclear weapons, causing yet another round of panic among the limp-wristed, nervous-Nellies of the Far Left. Trump′s tweet was in response to a speech by Russia′s Vladimir Putin the day before about modernizing the Russian nuclear arsenal. Donald Trump tweeted, ″The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.″ Now, I ask you, seriously, is there anything wrong with that? Of course not! No rational person would argue that what Trump is doing here is signaling to Putin that we will not sit idly by as Russia upgrades its nuclear weapons.

donald trump nuclear weapons

Naturally, the Far-Left is having kittens over it. They would prefer the Barack Obama policy of being submissive. To bow down before Putin and surrender our power and prestige. But Donald Trump is no Obama! Trump believes in dealing from a position of strength. As the song says, ″Deal from strength or get crushed every time.″ Trump has no desire to get crushed. Losing is not an option to him. Unlike Obama, who thinks losing is just fine since America is bad. America must be punished and taken down a few notches in the Obama worldview. However, Trump believes that America is a force for good, and has nothing to apologize for. The Trump Way is to win all the time! To win so often that we get tired of winning!

Vladimir Putin has already reacted to Trump′s tweet, according to Reuters. Putin said he was ″unfazed″ by Trump′s plan to improve America′s nuclear arsenal. Vladimir also praised Donald Trump for ″being in touch with U.S. public opinion″. Putin also criticized Democrats for being ″sore losers″. I could not have said it any better myself! Just look at what happened yesterday on a JetBlue commercial flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco. A gay couple were so rude and abusive to Ivanka Trump and her family that the two men from New York City, married to each other, were kicked off the flight. JetBlue did book them on another flight to their destination. Well, that is what you get for being a jackass Liberal.

So Donald Trump is ready to improve our nuclear weapons in response to a similar call by Vladimir Putin in Russia. I guess that throws a monkey wrench in the notion that the Russians hacked the elections to help Trump win. Had Hillary Clinton won, she would have taken the same submissive-surrender position as Barack Obama. All because Liberals think that weapons are bad and that we must be weaker than our enemies. They don′t want America to be strong for that may offend other countries. Fortunately, Donald Trump doesn′t care who he offends if it means making America strong again on the world stage.

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