An international manhunt is underway across Europe and beyond for the Berlin Christmas market terror attack suspect, Anis Amri. The 23 year-old Tunisian national came to Germany over a year ago seeking asylum as a refugee. However, he was denied asylum after authorities in Germany connected him with the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. Amri was to be deported back in September, but he had passport issues and Tunisia would not accept him back. He then disappeared for months as he prepared to launch a one-man jihad. Anis Amri is suspected of hijacking a tractor-trailer truck hauling steel from Italy to Berlin. He allegedly killed the driver and then headed for a busy Christmas market place, mowing down many people, killing a dozen and injuring about 50 more.

Berlin terror attack suspect

According to German authorities, Anis Amri was under surveillance for much of the time he was in Germany until disappearing in September. Sources say that he actively pursued obtaining a firearm, which he allegedly had stolen. He is believed to have hijacked the truck outside of Berlin, wounding the Polish driver with a knife. An autopsy of the driver shows signs of a struggle, along with a gunshot. One theory is that the driver regained consciousness and was killed trying to regain control of the truck. Police suspect Amri because his wallet was found in the truck′s cab. Together, with his know relationship with radical Islamic terrorism, the allegations of his involvement seem to be solid.

The political ramifications are very bad for Angela Merkel, for it was her policy to admit some one million Muslim refugees into Germany. This decision opened the door for terrorists to infiltrate not only Germany, but many other nations, too. There have been a growing number of terror-related incidents in Germany over the past year. Starting with the mass rape attacks back on New Years Eve, we have seen many knife attacks and shootings. In the United States, Barack Obama continues his plans to further the destruction of America by scrapping the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, or NSEERS, in place since the 9/11 attacks, to register all male immigrants from nations which are mostly Muslim. The Obama administration has not been enforcing NSEERS since 2011, since Obama does not care if radical Islamic terrorists cross our borders into our nation.

German authorities are offering a 100,000 Euro reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of Anis Amri. Anyone seeing him or having information about his activities should report to police. Amri is the suspect in the Berlin Christmas market terror attack, which resulted in 12 dead and about 50 wounded. The Islamic State has taken credit for the attack, as it follows suggestions by them for using trucks and other vehicles to run over those whom they consider to be infidels. President-Elect Donald J. Trump told reporters yesterday that the terror attack was an ″attack on humanity″. I agree with him 100%, as well as how the attack validates his call for ″extreme vetting″ of all Muslims entering America from nations plagued by terrorism.

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