Just think about it. In just 30 days it will be T-Day, Trump Day! The day when President-Elect Donald J. Trump takes the oath of office and becomes the 45th President of the United States of America! Doesn′t that just make your chest swell with pride and your face beam with joy? Put a little extra snap in your step? It certainly does for me! I can hardly wait!

Donald Trump Day

Especially with that bozo, Barack Obama still trying to ruin America with his executive orders and actions. His latest being banning forever off-shore drilling along the Atlantic coast and in the Arctic Ocean. Abusing some law from 1953 intended to protect walrus feeding areas. As Bugs Bunny would say, ″What a maroon!″ If Obama is not letting dangerous criminals out of jail, or terrorists from GITMO, he is hustling in more illegal immigrants and Syrian refugees.

Obama is not alone in last minute efforts to destroy America and our culture. Take the Electoral College vote on Monday. After weeks of ballyhoo from The Media, it turned out that most of the ′Faithless Electors′ switched their votes from Hillary Clinton. Only two switched from Donald Trump, both in Texas. The one that was public about switching beforehand voted for John Kasich. Another who remained anonymous voted for Ron Paul. I′d be anonymous, too, if I were to be a ′Faithless Elector′ and voted for Ron ′Doom′ Paul. Five switched from Hillary. One in Maine and three in Washington State voted for Bernie Sanders. A fourth from Washington State voted for some female Native-American Indian chief. Hillary wound up losing to Trump a third time, or was it fourth or fifth time, 304 to 227. Now, Hillary Clinton is truly historic. A historic LOSER!

But that isn′t stopping the idiots on the Far Left. For example, we have some dopes from MTV putting out a video calling on White Men to make some resolutions for 2017. However, what these fools say during the video is less a resolution and more a cry for a therapy puppy or a coloring book. All they do is recite the usual Liberal-Progressive talking points, like Black Lives Matter more so than All Lives Matter and that America has never been great at all except for White Men. Tell that to the dead from Gettysburg, the Chosin Reservoir and Tarawa. Throw in Shiloh, Khe Sanh, and the Alamo. These MTV snowflakes cast doubt on whether this nation will survive the next 50 years.

Well, I′m not going to worry about that for the time being. In 30 days, it will be T-Day, Trump Day! Donald J. Trump will be our new President and the hard work to repair the damage caused by Barack Obama and 60-plus years of Liberal idiocy will begin. So start making party plans! I intend to toast this blessed event with a dram or three of some 47-year old Canadian Masterpiece whiskey. Its good stuff, well blended and very smooth! That will put some hope in my cheeks, unlike Michelle Obama. My MTV White Men resolution for 2017 is to double my bashing of Liberal-Progressives! Just because we won the election does not mean that the war is over. Far from it. All life is about attrition. There is still plenty to attrit out there.

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