President-Elect Donald J. Trump wrapped up his USA Thank You Tour 2016 yesterday in Mobile, Alabama. In doing so, he fulfilled a promise he made there in Mobile some 16 months ago. Trump appeared in Mobile in August of 2015 about 6 weeks after launching his presidential campaign. Mobile was the first of the big, mega-crowd rallies where 25,000 or more people showed up to see Trump. He had promised to return there and now that he has won, Trump kept his promise.

Trump Thank You Tour

Once again, Mobile greeted Donald Trump with over 30,000 people attending the Thank You Tour rally. The speech was about the same as previous Thank You rallies. Naturally, he added a few new twists. For example, he brought back on stage with him Senator Jeff Sessions, the first major politician to endorse Trump. Sessions will be joining the Trump administration as Attorney General. Kellyanne Conway and Hope Hicks also were cheered by the crowd. Donald Trump also addressed other recent subjects, such as Michelle Obama telling Oprah Winfrey that there is ″no hope″ now. Being a gentleman, Trump tried to downplay the slight.

As usual, Trump also blasted The Media for their many lies about him. He made reference to New York Times contributor, Paul Krugman, who tweeted on Twitter about how Trump might stage another 9/11 type attack to improve his favorable numbers. The Media is trying to make a big deal out of a tweet on Twitter by Trump yesterday where he misspelled the word unprecedented in regards to China seizing a US Navy sonar drone. Like that is suppose to make him unfit to be president or grounds for impeachment. I don′t recall The Media getting as worked up over Barack Obama when he called Navy Corpsmen ″Corpse-men″. Wasn′t Obama supposed to be the most brilliant person ever elected?

The Trump transition team only has two more cabinet positions yet to fill, that of Secretaries of the Veterans Affairs and Agriculture. We are also expecting a White House Press Secretary to be named soon. Donald Trump will spending much of the next week at his residence of Mar A Lago near Palm Beach, Florida. Now that the USA Thank You Tour 2016 is completed, and most of his cabinet picked, Donald Trump will spend the holidays with family and friends. He may still meet with staff prospects and have other working meetings. Seriously, I have a hard time imagining Donald Trump ever relaxing. He is just one of those people who has to be doing something all of the time.

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