Barack Obama gave his last press conference of his presidency yesterday. He did so before leaving for another multi-million dollar vacation in Hawaii. As usual, it was just another opportunity for him to lie and spread ′Fake News′ for some 90 minutes. A female reporter even fainted during it, which I tend to believe was a ′Fake Faint′, just as other women had done when Obama campaigned in 2008. Aside from that, Obama mainly focused on how he claims he knew that Russia was trying to interfere with our elections by hacking the DNC and John Podesta emails. Obama even claimed that he spoke directly to Vladimir Putin and told him to ′cut it out′.

Obama last press conference

The whole thing was pretty sad to watch. Obama, as usual, tried to deflect any blame on himself for the Hillary Clinton loss. His presidency has been an utter failure. President-Elect Donald J. Trump will unravel nearly everything Obama did do, which is not much, once he takes office in 34 days. Obamacare will be gone. Dodd-Frank will be gone. The Dream Act will be gone, along with the rest of Obama′s executive orders. The great stain upon our nation will be cleaned up and trashed.

There is a lot of trash to clean up. Obama has made a mess of America and the rest of the world. He seemed determined, even now, to try and start a war with Russia and China. Trump and his team will work to correct those problems quickly. Yesterday, again, Obama tried to absolve himself of any responsibility for the civil war in Syria, and off-shoot of the whole Arab Spring fiasco hatched by Obama and Hillary Clinton. That plan, to get the Muslim Brotherhood to dominate the Middle East, has backfired intensely. Egypt had the good common sense to toss the Muslim Brotherhood out themselves. But, there are still lingering remnants across the region.

Add to that Obama′s retreat from Iraq and Afghanistan, which has opened the doors for not only Al Qaeda and the Taliban to stage a comeback, but also allow for the creation of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. During his press conference, Obama fixed all of the blame on Bashir Assad and Vladimir Putin. True, they, along with Iran, have been behind much of the violence in Syria. But that revolt would never had started in the first place had Obama and Hillary not begun meddling in toppling existing governments in the Middle East.

Speaking of meddling, funny how Obama and the Democrats are reacting to this rumor about Russia meddling in our elections. Obama has done quite a bit of meddling in elections, himself, most recently in Israel and in the UK. Oh, what a web we weave! Obama even accused some in the news media of helping the Russians. This, from the man who must have approved at some point the many, many lies his administration has spread, such as how a dopey video on You-Tube caused the Benghazi attack.

I cannot say that I will miss Barack Obama when he leaves office in 34 days. He should just leave now! Not just for his vacation in Hawaii, but for good. The plan seems to be for Obama to make one more farewell speech prior to Donald Trump taking the White House over. I′m sure that Obama speech will be equally as boring and packed with lies and Fake News as the rest of his speeches. Sadly, I′m certain that Obama will try to inject himself upon the public again from time to time. But, as Trump starts to Make America Great Again, people will see just how bad Obama really was.

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