The Central Intelligence Agency is refusing to brief the U.S. Congress on the alleged election hack by Russia. For the past couple of weeks, The Media and their allies in the Democratic Party have been alleging that Russian hackers are responsible for the leaked emails from the DNC and John Podesta. The Washington Post and the New York Times have both run stories about this alleged attempt to influence our election. Even the Barack Obama White House is joining in fray, reversing an earlier claim that the election of Donald Trump was legitimate. Some point to a leaked CIA assessment report as proof, but James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, and the FBI, disagree. They say that there is no evidence that Russia hacked any voting systems, nor were involved in the leaked emails.

CIA Russian Hackers

President-Elect Donald J. Trump and his surrogates have been dismissing these rumors about Russian hackers influencing the outcome of the election. No one denies that Russia, China, Iran and others are hacking us on a regular basis. Trump has even suggested that for all we know, it was some 400-pound guy in pajamas hacking from his mom′s basement in New Jersey who retrieved those DNC and Podesta emails. Indeed, Julian assange of WikiLeaks has denied that the Russians had anything to do with the Podesta emails he published, saying that he got them from a source inside the DNC. The earlier DNC emails, which relieved that the DNC worked with the Hillary Clinton campaign to rig the primaries against Bernie Sanders came from another group calling itself DC Leaks.

Trump and his people have also raised issues about how the Obama administration has politicized the CIA and the rest of the Intelligence community. Whistle blowers from Central Command, which overseas US military operations in the Middle East, claimed that intelligence assessments cited by the White House were cooked in order to reflect the Obama administration viewpoint that the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, were not as serious threat.

This brings us to yesterday, when a group of Democratic Party members of Congress were demanding a briefing on the matter of election hacking by the CIA. Some even want members of the Electoral College briefed before they vote on Monday. I find it rather curious that the CIA is snubbing Congress, refusing to brief them on the subject. This would appear to lend credence to what Trump and his supporters are saying about how the rumored assessment The Media claims was leaked to them may be cooked. This could be a play by the White House to undercut the legitimacy of Trump′s election.

Or, it could be just a tactic to shroud the real reasons why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. For that matter, to cover up why the Democratic Party has lost more elected offices nationwide, bringing it down to a level not seen since the 1920s. Such would reflect poorly on Barack Obama and his legacy. That during his 8 years in office, he lost some 12 state governorships, about 60 seats in the House of Representative, 11 US Senate seats, and over 900 state legislative seats. That would compound the valid reasoning to claim that Barack Obama has been a complete failure as a president.

Exit polling data does seem to point to this as being why Trump won. In addition to Hillary Clinton simply being a terrible candidate with no real message, American voters have just had enough of the lies and poor leadership of Obama. Especially after news of huge price increases for Obamacare health insurance premiums was learned of. In a recent Fox News poll, some 68% want Obamacare repealed and replaced. That number will go higher once taxpayers realize that the penalties for not having health insurance will skyrocket in January to $695.

Hillary Clinton and her supporters have been running out of excuses as to why she lost. They have blamed FBI Director James Comey, even though most polls showed little interest in his last-minute statements about her email scandal. They then tried to blame the Alt-Right and White Supremacists, even calling Trump voters racists and bigots. Naturally, they also played the ′Woman Card′, complaining that American men are too misogynistic to elect a woman for president. When none of that worked, they blamed ′Fake News′ on the Internet for why she lost the election.

Russian hackers is just latest phony excuse for why Hillary Clinton failed. There is absolutely no evidence that our election system was hacked, changing votes. There is evidence that our own Department of Homeland Security accessed voter records in Georgia prior to Election Day. DHS says that it was an error, part of a program to assist states in security. The recounts in Wisconsin show Donald Trump actually gaining 131 votes. The review in Michigan shows that over a third of the precincts in Detroit, where Hillary scored large percentages, had trouble with their voting machines double counting the number of voters. Perhaps she lost by an even larger margin? We′ll see what a review comes up with after they investigate. But I smell a rat in this whole Russian hacker thing and its not Vladimir Putin. The stench of fraud is coming from where it often has these past 8 years, from the Obama White House.

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