President-Elect Donald J. Trump has established a beach head in the Culture War by wishing us all a Merry Christmas. Unlike Barack Hussein Obama, Trump is not wishing us a Dandy Diwali, or a Raucous Ramadan, or a Merry Mithra. No politically correct Happy Holidays! Donald Trump is giving us the real deal, the genuine article. He is sending a signal that it is okay to be a Christian again. Somewhere around 80% or so of America is Christian, after all. Why should we hide in the shadows? Obama has made us feel like Christians of 200 A.D., forced to hold masses and such catacombs and basements. To celebrate Christmas openly in public is an act of shame, or bigotry in the Obama Universe. Well, in 37 days, that plain of existence will be discarded with the rest of trash we have had to endure for the past 8 years.

Donald Trump Merry Christmas

Make no mistake, Donald Trump has begun the liberation of Western Culture, much like those heroes of World War 2 did when they landed on the Normandy beaches on June 6, 1944. Trump took his Thank You Tour 2016 to Wisconsin yesterday. Right on top of the podium sign from where he spoke was the greeting, ″Merry Christmas″! It was there for a reason, folks. Trump understands symbolism. That is why he uses the Rolling Stone song, ″You Can′t Always Get What You Want″ at the end of his speeches. The lyrics say it all. ″If you try some time, you find, you get what you need!″ Donald Trump is what America needs!

I know that some people are questioning Trump meeting with Kanye West yesterday. How could he possibly be friends with a guy who puts out such vulgar music? Dr. Michael Savage, host of the radio program, ″The Savage Nation″, spent much of his show yesterday on this topic. At least the first 28 minutes that I know of, because after that, I had to turn him off. Savage tried to argue that we have gone from Chopin to Kanye in one administration, Obama′s. I have to disagree.

Being of Polish lineage, I ′KNOW′ Chopin! Quite frankly, I really cannot see when Chopin was a significant part of American culture. As far as patriotic music goes, you pretty much have to go back to the WW2 Era, if not even further to the Horatio Alger Era before you find music by John Philip Sousa and George M. Cohen being a part of American ′popular culture′. By the 1950s, we were twisting and rocking like a hound dog all around the clock. The days of Irving Berlin and Benny Goodman were fading fast. By the 1960s, the Beatles and the Beach Boys were shocking parents nationwide with songs about itsy-bitsy bikinis and adults romancing teenage girls. By the 1970s, ′Glitter Rock′ and ′Heavy Metal′ blew all of that away. About the closest thing to Chopin by then was Emerson-Lake-and-Palmer. Watching Keith Emerson be rotated 360 degrees vertically while strapped into a grand piano might have even given Chopin a case of the dizzies!

I don′t mean to pick on Michael Savage. But he is making the fundamental mistake in failing to realize that there is no going back. The best we can do is muddle forward somehow. Even if we tried to go back to a simpler, more polite era, it would take two or three generations. By then, everything would have changed several times at the current rate of societal change. We would literally have to fire nearly every college professor teaching today just to start to make a dent in what passes for culture these days. Plus exile nearly every TV show and movie producer, too, to some remote island in the Aleutians. That is just not going to happen.

One point that Savage has been trying to argue is that people like Kanye West, Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus are going to corrupt Donald Trump and steer him into their way of thinking. I have to say that I do not see that happening at all! From what I have noticed these past few months, it looks more to me like Donald Trump is dragging Priebus, Ryan and even Mike Pence in the wake of Trump′s slipstream. The Trump Train is moving at full speed ahead and sucking everyone who comes near it along with it. About the only person who has any influence at all on Donald Trump is his wife, Melania.

Case in point. Last week we saw how Ivanka Trump had invited Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio to Trump Tower to discuss climate change. She even got them to chat with her daddy about the subject. What did Donald Trump do? He appointed Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the EPA! Nope, Gore and DiCaprio could have talked till they were blue, or green, in the face. Even Trump′s own daughter couldn′t budge him! Do you really think that Reince Priebus or Paul Ryan will have more influence on Donald Trump than his own daughter? I should say not! To this end, I will make a prediction. The next ′album′ (if there are still such things) by Kayne West will have music which is much more optimistic and positive, thanks to Donald Trump.

This is why I encourage everyone to ′TRUST IN TRUMP′! He has a vision, he′s going to pursue it and nobody is going to alter his course. NOBODY!!! Oh, sure, he′ll listen to others and weigh what they say. A prime example of that is his final pick for Secretary of State, Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson. He was not even on Trump′s radar until Robert Gates mentioned him when he chatted with The Donald. After Condi Rice and Dick Cheney echoed the endorsement, Trump arranged a meeting with Tillerson. I suspect that they hit it off in about all of 2 seconds! If that! Tillerson is not some spoon-fed academic. The guy started out as a field engineer, practically a roughneck. A 30-year man with Exxon. He worked his way up the food chain the old fashioned way. Trump, being ′Old School′ himself, starting off swinging a hammer as a carpenter for his father probably had an instant mind-meld with Tillerson. These guys are forged from the same anvil of long hours of hard work.

Bad enough that the idiots in The Media and the rest of the Far Left think that Donald Trump is some kind of dope who can be easily distracted. No, that is just their moronic wishful thinking. Trump is smart, sharp, and knows exactly what he is doing. Even his tweets on Twitter have purpose. In one respect, I am glad that the dummies are underestimating Trump. It gives him a lot of latitude to maneuver. I′m guessing it will take about another year or so before they start to figure it out. You would think that after he beat Hillary Clinton, spending maybe a tenth of what she did, that they would realize that Trump knows exactly what he is doing.

America has finally elected a decisive leader. Donald Trump has built a White House staff and cabinet that is smarter and more Conservative than any other administration in history. The fools and crooks are not going to sway him. Trump will inspire others to follow his lead. If not, then I am reminded of a cartoon depicting Caveman Trump dragging Ann Coulter by the hair behind him. Naturally, Ann had a big smile, for she knew she was being dragged by a real man! Not by some Cuck or snowflake. Heck, they could not even drag a mouse. Donald Trump may have to drag some people, but most will follow willingly as he executes his plan to Make America Great Again! I say it again, ′TRUST IN TRUMP!′

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