No, believe it or not, this is NOT ′Fake News′! This is SILLY NEWS! The United Nations has actually decided to fire Wonder Woman as their Ambassador for Gender Equality. That′s right! The Amazonian princess of Themyscira, or Paradise Island, was chosen some two months ago by the UN to promote gender equality to the world. The comic book character created by DC Comics in the 1940s to promote women participation in World War Two was recently selected for this new role. However, many UN staffers opposed the decision on the grounds that she is ″an overtly sexualised image″ and is ″the objectification or women and girls″. More specifically, many within the United Nations were upset about her excessive cleavage and ″thigh-high boots″. A petition signed by some 45,000 people called for the UN to dump Wonder Woman as their Ambassador for Gender Equality.

UN fires Wonder Woman

Good Grief! Yeah, this was probably a dumb idea from the start. Anything the UN comes up with has got to be bad. But I have to ′wonder′ if the real reason behind the cancellation of using Wonder Woman by the UN has more to do with her being a strong woman, as well as a symbol for American patriotism. Sure, she is an immigrant, but her costume is clearly designed to promote American exceptionalism. Of course, we have other issues, such as Wonder Woman being Caucasian and an infidel in the minds of many around the world. I suspect that if Wonder Woman were a non-Caucasian and wore a burka or a costume that reflected Socialism, her opponents in the UN would find her more to their liking.

DC Comics, now owned by DC Entertainment, invented the character back during WW2 as a way to encourage women to join the war effort against the Axis. Wonder Woman was not the only such female character. The British newspaper, the Daily Mail, had their own female heroine fighting Nazi spies in a comic strip series, ″Jane at War″. Jane was an assistant to an army colonel working for British Intelligence. Her misadventures usually involved her losing her clothing on a regular basis. But, even with that handicap, Jane still managed to expose and defeat Nazi agents with the help of her pet dachshund, Fritzi.

The petition signed by 45,000 spoil-sports cited that the image of Wonder Woman was ″not culturally encompassing or sensitive″. The program itself was under the offices of UNICEF and was meant to promote messages focused on women′s empowerment and gender-based violence to children around the world. Wonder Woman was given the status as a UN Ambassador for this purpose. Now you know where all of that money we give the UN goes for. Silly projects like this!

Hard to say what is sillier than this story about the United Nations firing Wonder Woman as their Ambassador for Gender Equality? We seem to be inundated with silliness these days. For example, we have Barack Obama and other idiot politicians trying to blame Russia for hacking our elections to support Donald Trump. Not that Obama didn′t try to hack and influence the elections in Israel recently to prevent Benjamin Netanyahu from being reelected. Or Obama taking sides in the Brexit vote. Then we have college professors teaching their students that Trump voters are all racists and or terrorists. Even Hillary Clinton blames a cartoon character, Pepe the Frog, for her being defeated. I′ll be very happy in 38 days when Donald Trump is sworn into office and our 8 long year, national nightmare finally ends. Maybe we′ll become rational again as the adults take power, but I suspect that the Liberals will just get even more loonier.

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