Say what you want, you have to admit that President-Elect Donald J. Trump is building a cabinet and White House staff of extraordinary magnitude! Maybe they are not forging their strength in the tradition of our ancestors, but he certainly has our gratitude. You will not find anywhere on Team Trump staffers or cabinet members who think Mao, Lenin, Marx, or Saul Alinsky are heroes. Donald Trump promised to hire ″killers″, people who are tough negotiators. If the rumors are true about Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson being the top choice for Trump′s Secretary of State, that promise is fulfilled. Appointments like Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, and former Marine Corps generals James ′Mad Dog′ Mattis and John Kelly for Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security are very strong picks.

Donald Trump cabinet

Trump is surrounding himself with people whom are like him, ′doers′. Successful people who get things done! Not a bunch of academics, lawyers and political hacks. So far, there are hardly any ′Inside-the-Beltway′ lobbyists or think-tank types. About the closest one to that category is Reince Priebus, Trump′s pick for White House Chief of Staff. There are many who are critical of Trump for that pick, but I have to say that Priebus is a good man in a storm to have around. He proved himself worthy of the job after holding the RNC together during a very tumultuous GOP primary. Just look at the DNC in comparison. One DNC chair was forced to resign for playing favorites and her successor has been shown to be no better.

Many of the Trump picks for his cabinet are people with direct experience in challenging the norm of the departments and agencies they′ve been assigned to. To head the Department of Labor, Trump has picked Andrew Puzder, the CEO of CKE Restaurants, which owns Carl′s and Hardees restaurant chains. Many question this pick because of Puzder′s stance on immigration. But he is an opponent of raising the federal minimum wage beyond $9 an hour, since he understands that to do so would force many businesses to seek automation at a faster rate. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is Trump′s pick for heading the EPA, an agency Pruitt has tangled with before in the courts.

Picks like these show how Donald Trump intends to energize and grow the American economy and job market. There are too many federal regulations choking growth currently. The Trump plan is to loosen things up for both small businesses to thrive and for larger corporations to expand. Industrial sectors like restaurants, energy, banking and manufacturing have been strangled by regulations. Donald Trump′s picks for Treasury, Commerce and Small Business (Steven Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross and Linda McMahon), are just the right sort of people who can bring relief to the credit crunch which is holding back expansion and investment in existing and new enterprises.

With Generals Mattis and Kelly running Defense and Homeland Security, we have two experienced leaders who know how to keep America safe. No more pussy-footing around! These guys mean business and the world better understand that. We can expect that Trump′s other appointments to defense and security departments and agencies will be equally tough-minded. A far cry from the loons Barack Obama has appointed. The emphasis will return to keeping America safe, not using the military and other agencies to undertake social experiments.

While Trump′s pick of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State has yet to be confirmed, the Exxon CEO was being talked about much this weekend. Critics are pointing to possible close ties with Vladimir Putin and Russia. But, the Democratic Party has been playing the ′Putin Card′ a bit too much the last few weeks. My sense is that the public is already weary of it. Tillerson has been all over the world, as Exxon has interests in some 50 countries. He is respected and considered a tough negotiator, as well as an able executive. Former UN Ambassador John Bolton is rumored to backstop Tillerson as Deputy Secretary of State, as he is very familiar with the inner workings of the department’s bureaucracy. Together, they will be able to implement the Trump Plan for putting America First in future international arrangements.

All in all, the Donald Trump administration will probably be the most Conservative one ever assembled. Even more so than that of Ronald Reagan′s. Naturally, this has the Liberals all up in arms, as if they needed any additional excuses. They are still smarting from being let down by the failed candidacy of Hillary Clinton. Recent video taken during a class in human sexuality at Orange Coast College in California shows the professor claiming that Trump voters are just like terrorists! This is the general thinking within the Democratic Party and the Progressive Movement. They are never going to be happy about anything Donald Trump does. Which is fine. The more they sound like lunatics, the better off our future will be.

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