Last night on AMC-TV, we had the mid-season finale for The Walking Dead. With all that is going on in the ′Real World′, I have not been devoting much time to writing about Season 7. But the popular drama series has been keeping the excitement going strong. Following the premiere, when Abraham and Glenn were brutally killed by Negan, Rick′s group at Alexandria has been facing many setbacks. But, you can only push Rick so far and last night, Negan killed two more Alexandrians, finally forcing Rick to prepare for all-out war against The Saviors. So, let me state for the record…, SPOILER ALERT!

The Walking Dead mid-season finale

The 90-minute episode covered a lot of territory. Daryl escaped from the Savoir′s Sanctuary with help from within, along with an assist by Jesus from the Hilltop Community. Speaking of which, Maggie and Sasha have become well thought of members. Over at Ezekiel′s Kingdom, Carol and Morgan were approached about attacking the Sanctuary. Rick and Aaron struggled through a moat of zombies to find a treasure of supplies. Meanwhile, Negan made himself at home in Rick′s house at Alexandria. There, Negan was approached by Spencer, who wanted Negan to kill Rick and appoint him to run things.

Daryl does escape the Sanctuary, even stealing clothes and some peanut butter from his nemesis, Dwight. He kills Fat Joe on the way out where he meets up with Jesus, who has been casing the Sanctuary out. Over at The Kingdom, or just outside it I should say, Ezekiel′s right-hand man, Richard, tried to talk Morgan and Carol into attacking the Saviors. But, neither were ready to commit just yet. They still are unaware of what The Saviors have done to their friends at Alexandria.

At the Hilltop, Maggie and Sasha are aware. Enid has joined them and is helping them out. Sasha seems ready to strike back at Negan and wants Enid to take care of Maggie in her absence. Back at Alexandria, Rosita has similar plans to launch a one-woman attack on Negan. Now that Eugene has made her a single bullet for her pistol, Rosita wants to go kamikaze. Even Father Gabriel tries to talk her down from committing suicide in this fashion. He knows that sooner or later, a time will come when they can attack The Saviors in strength and truly defeat them. On the road, Michone had captured a Savior and attempted to infiltrate the Sanctuary, but, after seeing how large and strong it was, she changed her mind.

Negan has been having a lot of fun at Alexandria since bringing Carl back from the Sanctuary after his failed, suicide mission. After cleaning up and having a shave, Negan prepares a spaghetti dinner, with biscuits and lemonade. They wait a bit for Rick to return, but Lucille is hungry, so Negan dines with Carl, Judith and Olivia. Then Spencer shows up with some good scotch and tries to ingratiate himself with Negan. Spencer even points out where a pool table can be had. The table is dragged into the middle of the street in front of Rick′s house. Spencer outlines a plan for Negan to replace Rick with him. A crowd gathers to watch the game, including Rosita and Eugene.

When Negan decides that he is less than impressed with the shifty Spencer, Negan guts him with a large Bowie knife. As Spencer′s entrails spill out on the street, the crowd gasps in horror. Rosita loses it and fires her single bullet, but hits Lucille instead. This sends Negan into a rage and he figures out immediately that the bullet is homemade. He wants to know who made it? When Rosita lies about making it herself, Negan orders her face cut and has Olivia shot dead.

Rick and Aaron had just returned with a load of goods retrieved from a zombie-guarded houseboat. Aaron had been beaten badly by some of the Saviors, and when they hear the gunshot, Rick helps Aaron along as they head towards the commotion. Negan rages at Rick, demanding gratitude for not killing everyone, including Carl. Eugene admits to making the bullet, sparing Rosita from further wrath. Negan takes Eugene away with him, along with the latest collection of goods. The Saviors depart from Alexandria.

Michone returns to Alexandria and tells Rick that she knows that they cannot fight the Saviors alone. We then see Rick and his group show up at the Hilltop where they are reunited with Maggie, Sasha and Enid. Then, Daryl and Jesus show up. Daryl had retrieved Rick′s Python revolver from Fat Joe when he killed him and hands it over to Rick. From the spoilers for the next episode of The Walking Dead, which will air on AMC-TV on February 12, 2017, we see Jesus telling the group about the Kingdom, and takes Rick and the rest there to talk with Ezekiel. An alliance is being formed to go to war against the Saviors and Negan. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure has followed Rick and Aaron back to Alexandria, and is now watching them.

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