Looks like that Barack Obama has a ′Fake News′ creator in his cabinet, Secretary of State John Kerry. Chilling out in Paris, France, Kerry yesterday claims that the situation in Allepo is the worst ″since the Second World War″. Sure, things are bad in Allepo, Syria, with the Civil War, promoted by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, raging for over 5 years. Opening the doors for terrorist groups, like ISIS, to grow in power. But as far as bloodshed and suffering goes, there have been several crises which have been worst than Allepo. One of which, the civil war in the Republic of the Congo, has been going on for nearly 8 years and has a death toll of over 4 Million. Mostly women and children. Why is Obama and Kerry doing or saying nothing about that?

John Kerry

Mainly, because it does not fit inside their box of agendas. The war in the Congo revolves around the highly valuable strategic material of Cassiterite, a crystalline form of tin oxide. Cassiterite is a crucial material used in the electronics industry, especially in smart phones and tablets. The Big Money contributors to Democratic Party candidates in Silicon Valley do not want the death and suffering caused by Cassiterite to become an issue. Public opinion may raise a stink about it, hurting sales and profits. Learning that our digital wonderland is based on the blood and bones of 4 Million citizens of the Congo, with even more being raped and brutalized daily, may have an impact.

Of course, The Media in America ignores this story. Instead, they publish ′Fake News′ about how the Russians are tampering with our elections. The Washington Post published a story this morning about that item, claiming ′facts′ from a leaked CIA assessment report. If you happen to read the article, by the 11th or 12th paragraph, they mention that there is no actual evidence that Russia did anything. That there is even disagreement within the CIA on the subject.

Fake News from the Barack Obama administration is nothing new. Phony unemployment rates, assessments on the threat posed by the Islamic State, and, of course, the true nature of the so-called Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare. Talk about ′Fake News′! You can keep your doctor or your old policy? Yeah, right! How about saving $2,500 per family? More like costing your family $4,000 more than before!

Then, we get none other than Hillary Clinton complaining the other day at a portrait ceremony at the US Senate about ′Fake News′. She ought to know since she has created quite a bit of it herself. Such as the whole Benghazi Fake News story about how a video was responsible for the attack. Now, in all honesty, she did not come up with that one by herself. Ben Rhodes, the current National Security Advisor to Barack Obama actually invented that piece of Fake News. But Hillary spread it around, just as she did other Fake News concerning her private email server and all of the rest of her email scandal. Hillary Clinton has been a Fake News creator for decades, lying about everything from dodging bullets on tarmacs to not knowing that she had old law firm files in her closet.

Brian Williams of MSNBC is now taking up the battle against Fake News. You may recall that he was suspended from his gig as anchor of NBC Nightly News for spreading Fake News of his own. The Washington Post has been forced to retract their own story about Faked News websites because it was based on Fake News. They incorrectly named one site as having ties to Russia which threatened to sue them for slander. Let us not forget how the New York Times championed Fake News when one writer, Andrew Rosenthal, went on the record writing about how they had to do whatever it takes to defeat Donald Trump. Rosenthal spread Fake News about how Trump being elected could lead to ″genocide″, and argued that the threat was enough to justify creating as much Fake News against Trump as possible.

So, it does not surprise me that Secretary of State John Kerry would create some more Fake News about Allepo, Syria. Mr. Ketchup has been spreading Fake News for years, including quite a bit of it about climate change and global warming. Barack Obama, a chronic liar himself, seems to surround himself with as many liars as possible in his White House administration. The Media has been in the Fake News business for decades. Which is why I find this whole bug-a-boo about Fake News so humorous. I also find it rather pathetic as many people are buying the Fake News about Fake News. Too bad Orson Welles is dead or he could do a sequel to ″F Is For Fake″ entitled ″F Is For Fake News″. He, more so than most, would have a lot of fun with that!

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