Here is a hot story from the New York Post. It seems that Democratic Party women are cutting their hair short and coloring darker, even jet black, because of Donald Trump. Others are gaining weight from ′Post Election Blues′. According to People Magazine, doctors are calling this nationwide weight gain, the ′Trump 10′. A woman in Minnesota is so upset that on the day after Trump won, she went on a vodka bender which led to a fender-bender, blowing 0.33, four times the legal limit, on a breathalyzer. Colleges are bracing for mass dropouts as snowflakes despair. Cosmopolitan Magazine reports how women are losing their sex drives. Joy Behar claims that therapists are calling this syndrome ′Trump Bedroom Backlash′.

Post Trump Depression

Too funny? You betcha! I find all of this hysterical. I feel like Uncle Fester in one of my favorite Charles Addams cartoons where Uncle Fester is sitting in a movie theater, smiling, having a good time. Meanwhile, the rest of the audience are sad or weeping. I′ve been trying very hard not to gloat about Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton. But when I read stories about how depressed Democrats are, how they are blaming every little flaw in their life on Trump, who has yet to take office, I just can′t stay quiet any longer.

YOU LOST! WE WON!!! HAH-HAH-HAH!!! Shove it up your wazoo or down your throat. Either will do! Now you know how I felt in 2012. In 2008, I figured McCain would lose to Obama pretty much from early spring when Obama cleaned Hillary Clinton′s clock. My faith in Mitt Romney was not very high. I opposed him all throughout the primaries and the nine dozen debates or whatever that were held. Still, I just could not believe that America would give Obama a second term. Well, who can blame them? Mitt Romney was no prize.

Neither was Hillary Clinton. The Democrats should have known better. As well as those in The Media. She is a stale, bland, good-for-nothing liar! How anyone could be excited about her is beyond me! At a ′reptilian′ level, one can argue that people would rather image sex with Obama more so than with Romney. But Hillary? No f′in′ way! Donald Trump, on the other hand, just oozes sexuality. Why do you think he builds skyscrapers? He′s ′erecting′ gigantic phallic symbols with his name in huge, gold letters on them. That is about as reptilian as it gets!

Frankly, I′m not worried if Democrats become fat, depressed and impotent because Donald Trump kicked their butts. Let them cut off their hair! They can all go bald for all I care. I hope they cower in their safe zones for the next 8 years. The Age of Trump is here! Hillary Clinton and her allies can make all of the excuses they want. They can blame the Russians, the Alt-Right, Pepe the Frog, or Fake News till kingdom come. The truth is that she just plain sucked. She had no message. She had no reason to be president other than she felt entitled to it. Hillary Clinton is not entitled to ′jack shite′, as the Irish would say. Donald Trump beat her, fair and square.

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