We have yet another first for the ′historic′ Barack Obama presidency! If being the first US president to preside over a downgrading of US bonds, or failing to pass annual federal budgets were not enough for you, try this one out for size. According to a newly completed research study by the CDC′s National Center for Health Services, the life expectancy rate has declined for the first time in America! Not only are those between the ages of 45 through 55 dying younger, but the death rate itself has increased from 724.6/100,000 to 733.1/100,000. Those born in 2015 are now expected to live only 78.8 years as opposed to 78.9 years. In addition to those dying from chronic diseases like diabetes, there has been an increase in accidental deaths and suicides as well.

Obama legacy

Chalk up another item for the Obama legacy! As it is, most, if not all, of his handful of legislative accomplishments, along with all of those executive orders and actions, are about to be wiped out by President-Elect Donald J. Trump. So, Obama was not going to have much of a legacy, aside from doubling the National Debt to $20 TRILLION dollars. That, and allowing the world to burn in chaos after admitting that he was ″surprised″ by ISIS, a.k.a. ISIL or the Islamic State.

There are many reasons being mulled over for the decline in life expectancy. Poor health from poor diets, over-use of opioids and other medications are being blamed. But, also, we have the problems of mental depression and declining incomes, all part of Obama′s ′New Normal′. Americans have felt worse about their lives as Obama makes the world think less of America. Running around the planet apologizing for every little thing he claims we do against the Earth. Obama has not been much of a cheerleader for the United States, nor even for us being a united country. He has divided us more and more through political correctness and identity politics.

The good news, of course, is that Barack Obama will be gone in 44 days. Donald Trump will then take charge as he works to Make America Great Again! I have no doubt that as Trump begins to improve our economy and our standing on the world stage, Americans will start to feel better again. Trump will bring about a new wave of optimism, unlike any we have seen in decades. I have no doubt that this surge in positive spirit and thinking will help increase life expectancy once again. Yes, it always boils down back to the basics. Barack Obama and his Liberal pals in the Democratic Party are all about death, hatred and destruction. Donald Trump, a true Capitalist and Conservative, will invigorate the Republican Party, and the American People, with his message of Life, Hope and Love.

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