Talk about ′Social Justice′! A group of current and former African-American employees of CNN have filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against CNN, as well as its parent company, Time Warner & Turner. A story at AJC, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, two more Black employees filed the lawsuit following an earlier lawsuit filed back in January by DeWayne Walker. Walker, a TV producer, believes that CNN allegedly discriminated against him by not promoting him. He worked for CNN for some 13 years and claims that he was not promoted due to race. Walker′s lawsuit is for $50 Million dollars.

CNN Lawsuit

Due to the discovery of files and other documents from the Walker lawsuit, additional Black employees of CNN, current and former, have now filed their own lawsuit. According to the AJC story, Walker′s attorney, Daniel Meachum, is also representing the new plaintiffs. Only two filers were named in the lawsuit, Celeslie Henley, described as a ″former executive assistant″ and a TBS senior manager, Ernest Colbert. The other 20 to 30 Black employees have yet to officially join the lawsuit, though they have been providing background information of their own experiences.

Meachum told the AJC that ″This discrimination represents a company-wide pattern and practice, rather than a series of isolated incidents.″ The lawsuit charges that Black employees have been abused with racial slurs, shut out from many high ranking positions and from higher pay grades. For example, Ernest Colbert was promoted to a senior manager position at TBS after 20 years, but his income is less than his White counterparts in similar positions. The lawsuit also alleges that his personnel file was not properly maintained, missing many positive performance reviews, and for 9 years, his job title was in error.

Since 2014, three other racial discrimination lawsuits have been filed against CNN. So, it would seem that there is indeed some serious issues at the very ′Liberal′ news network. CNN led much of the recent attacks against the Donald Trump campaign as being racist, as well as against the Trump transition team. Most notably their charging that Trump won the election by appealing to racists and White Supremacists. CNN has also been busy attempting to tie the Trump victory with so-called ′Fake News′ stories on the Internet.

One can hardly call the Atlantic Journal-Constitution a ′Fake News′ organ, especially if you are a Liberal Democrat. Therefore, allegations of possible racism within the CNN organization by the AJC cannot be dismissed. We recently saw how CNN attacked their rival, the Fox News Channel over sexual discrimination lawsuits and allegations from former female employees, most notably Gretchen Carlson. Her lawsuit was settled out of court with a substantial monetary result, as well as the dismissing of Roger Ailes. Will CNN survive this series of lawsuits against them? Will Don Lemon or Van Jones, or other on-air Black employees of CNN take a stand against their employer? Will other ′Liberal′ personalities like Chris Cuomo resign over this matter in solidarity? I always get a kick out of stories where the ′Goody-2-Shoes′ on the Far-Left are exposed for being the hypocrites which they are.

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