Was there ever any doubt that Time Magazine would name President-Elect Donald J. Trump their ′Person of the Year′ for 2016? Certainly none since the election. I′m sure if Hillary Clinton had won, they would have named her for the honor. But, even while Time pays some tribute to Trump, they still could not help themselves from casting him in a negative light. Right on the cover, Donald Trump is described as the ″President of the divided states of America″. There is hypocrisy for you, as The Media has played a far larger role in dividing the nation than Trump ever did.

Donald Trump Person of the Year 2016

Even long before Trump announced his candidacy, The Media, both the news and entertainment worlds, were very busy dividing America. If you were a White, Christian male, then you were the only fair game for jokes and other forms of derogatory imagery. It didn′t matter if the subject was fiction or historical, or in the mediums of television, movies, books, or the Internet. The White, Christian male was everyone′s favorite target for ridicule. From late night comics on TV, to rap singers, pop singers, and even on the floor of the U.S. Senate! If you wanted to score points with other demographic groups, attacking White Christian males was the safe play.

Of course, The Media divided America well beyond just that. Donald Trump provided an excellent lightning rod for a wide range of attacks by the liars in The Media. Whether the subject matter was about race, gender, ethnicity, age or income levels, The Media played their divisive cards accordingly against Trump. Now, they expect him to have to clean up their own mess by trying to reunite the nation. The joke, this time, may be on them as Donald Trump appears to be successfully circumventing The Media altogether.

Even while The Media continues to attack him on cabinet selections and other actions, Trump has begun surging in the opinion polls. His favorable numbers have now surpassed the 50% mark and are still climbing. Even larger numbers show support for Trump policy moves. Much of this is due to these decisions being genuinely good ones, correctly and rationally made. Trump also has a not so secret weapon, his Twitter account. His use of social media has completely outflanked The Media ′professionals′.

I have to wonder if he′ll throw ′The Press′ out of the White House? There is no law or clause in the U.S. Constitution which requires ′The Press′ from occupying the White House as they do. He could easily move them to the Executive Office Building across the street, or just toss them out completely! Why should we taxpayers foot the bill for The Press to have a workspace near the President? I think that The Media is about to learn an important lesson in courtesy. They need Trump far more than Trump needs them!

I see no real point in permitting a hostile, dishonest enemy force to have close proximity and access to Trump and his administration. They are not going to change their spots, stripes, nor their agenda. So why give them any advantage? Donald Trump has proven that he can get his message out without them. That he can speak directly to the America people and needs no filter, especially one is is biased and dishonest.

Will Time Magazine naming President-Elect Donald J. Trump their 2016 Person of the Year make any difference in how The Media treats him? Nope! If anything, it will only give them one more angle to play in attacking him. Time has already started that by referring to Trump as the ″President of the divided states of America″ right on the front cover! Donald Trump is not a divider. The Media depicts him as such through their endless lies. But, the American people are not buying what The Media is pitching. Trump is speaking directly to The People and, so far, a growing number are becoming impressed with him. He is seen as a leader who can not only unite the country, but change the nation in the many ways it needs changing.

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