Here is the video of Barack Obama bowling that is taking the internet by storm. If you ever wondered if Obama learned American sports while attending grammar school in Malaysia, here is the evidence.

Positively Obama cannot bowl. He threw gutterball after gutterball on the way to a 37 score before quitting after 7 frames. The slapstick took place at the Pleasant Valley Recreational Center in Altoona PA on March 29th, 2008.

Do we expect a president who averages 5 pins per frame to stand up to terrorists? Can we elect a president who has heard of Sunnis but has never heard of Dick Weber?

While you ponder these important questions, Chris Matthews is the latest Democrat accused of racism for having fun at Obama’s expense. It seems that liberals can make fun of liberals, as long as they are not Barack Obama.

He said, “This gets very ethnic, but the fact that he’s good at basketball doesn’t surprise anybody, but the fact that he’s that terrible at bowling does make you wonder.” Obama’s shills at Media Matters are all over this angle. It is really a harmless comment, but something that would get a Republican fired from his media job. Remember Don Imus?

One thing is for sure. Obama just lost the white, lower class, fat, bald, beer-drinking voter demographic.

Obama Bowling (Video)

The performance was so bad, notice how the news clip stopped panning back.