I really had to chuckle this morning when I watched ″New Day″ on CNN spend most of its first half-hour blathering on about ′Fake News′. They, like the Washington Post and New York Times, have taken ′Fake News′ to a whole new level. Pretty much about 90% of their stories about the Donald Trump 2016 campaign were ′Fake News′. So, now they are all bent out of shape because of a ′Fake News′ story which originated on 4chan of all places. This one was about a conspiracy theory which tied a Washington, DC pizzeria called COMET PING PONG with #Pizzagate. That aspect began after emails from John Podesta released by WikiLeaks alluding to ′pizza parties′ which were actually code words for various types of sex. The code depended on the topping of the said pizza, which referred to the age, gender and even ethnicity of the desired sexual partners.


Now, don′t get me wrong. The basic ′real′ news story, concerning how some kook from North Carolina went to the pizzeria in DC with a rifle to conduct his own ′self-investigation′ is pretty sad and even shocking. The idiot did fire rounds and the Comet Ping Pong gunman was arrested by police. Luckily, nobody was injured in the incident.

Naturally, CNN is blaming the Alt-Right and social media sites like 4chan-dot-org for starting crazy stories like this. Naturally, they avoid their own responsibility in this sad matter. Oh yes! CNN and the rest of The Media are equally to blame for the whole ′Fake News′ nonsense. Not to mention others like John Podesta for starting the whole thing. What was he thinking when he was exchanging emails with his brother using this peculiar code about pizzas? Is this just a case of some twisted sense of humor? If so, why has he not spoken out about it and apologized for it? Is that not the ′Politically Correct′ thing to do?

Conspiracy theories have been with us forever. The ′good′ ones are based on some kernel of truth, then blown totally out of proportion. The ′fun′ ones are blown so far out that they are obviously jokes. The more sinister ones are blown out just enough to cause a scandal.

The idea of high-ranking Democratic Party officials running a child prostitution ring out of a pizzeria is pretty absurd. Anyone who buys that one should have their head examined. I remember back in the late 1980s and early 1990s a similar story concerning high-ranking Republican Party officials running a child-prostitution ring out of an orphanage in Nebraska. A couple of ′investigators′ even wrote and published books about it.

These days, you don′t need to publish books or appear on talk shows to spread a conspiracy theory. All you need is a good meme and accounts on Twitter and Facebook. A post or two on websites like 4chan and before you know it, people all over the world are talking about your post.

What amuses me about CNN and the role they are playing in this whole ′Fake News′ farce is that they want to be taken seriously while being a joke, themselves. A lot of the comments made on that network, or elsewhere by their employees, are either totally false or totally insane. Whether it is CNN commentator Van Jones talking about how Trump′s victory was a sign of ″White-lash″, or Christiane Amanpour speaking at a press awards dinner, justifying being non-objective and scared about being physically caged by Trump, are just plain crazy!

The Washington Post recently published a list of ′Fake News′ sources and ′Safe News′ sources. Many of the listed ′Fake News′ sites are far more objective than the Post is, while nearly all of the ′Safe′ sources have published false stories at one time or another. Barack Obama spoke about ′Fake News′ during an interview with ″Rolling Stone Magazine″, which, by the way, recently lost a major court case and will pay millions in damages for running a ″Fake News′ story.

Then we have the Queen of ′Fake News′, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who probably has not spoken the truth about anything for the past 4 to 5 decades. Her infamous ″Alt-Right speech″, hailed by her staff and supporters, was total BS! For example, Richard Spencer is not the ′leader′ of the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right has no single leader! It is a hodge-podge of many anti-Establishment types, all with different axes to grind. Spencer runs a group called the National Policy Institute, which has a couple hundred followers. But Hillary sees them, and memes of cartoon characters like Pepe the Frog as a threat to democracy. Seriously? This is one among the many reasons of why she lost. Hillary Clinton resides somewhere between being stupid and-or insane!

As for this guy who went to the pizzeria in DC with a rifle, he′s crazy, too! But is he the vanguard of some larger movement? Nope! Just another poor sap with too much time on his hands since Barack Obama decided that The New Normal was for mass unemployment. Idle hands do the Devil′s work. We, the rational, all know this. Add to that the problem of reacting of the ′Fake News′ spewed by The Media every night. A recent Pew poll shows that only 5% of America trusts the so-called, Main Stream Media, the ′legitimate press′. The Media, in its devotion to Socialism and spreading the propaganda provided by The State, has lost all credibility.

If they, The Media, really want to get any trust back, then they need to change direction and methodology. Realize that there is another world beyond and outside of Manhattan, Los Angeles and Washington, DC. After the Trump election, one newspaper in Florida actually requested in public that Trump voters to come and speak with their staff, for none of the paper′s staff knew anybody who voted for Trump. They are totally blind and stuck inside a bubble of their own making, oblivious to the Real World.

If you are out of touch with the Real World, how can you provide Real News? All we get, instead, is Fake News about Climate Change and how Hillary will win in a landslide. The whole point of journalism is to sift through the piles of information and discover the truth. Not invent the truth first and then only provide facts to support it. When those in The Media, as well as social media, like Reddit, spike any stories about subjects like #Pizzagate, this only adds validation to the kooks who believe such conspiracy theories. If CNN and others were to actually report on these matters, perhaps by hounding John Podesta about his bizarre emails, then maybe, just maybe, these conspiracy theories will be put to rest and idiots won′t go around ′self-investigating′ them armed with a rifle.

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