Was Jill Stein the 2016 presidential candidate of the Green Party or the GREED Party? That is the question we need to ask as Stein is asking supporters to give her another $1 Million dollars. Apparently, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will undertake no action to begin a vote recount until Jill Stein, or one of her cohorts, provides $1 Million dollars up front. As a result, Stein is now looking at filing a lawsuit in federal courts to force a recount in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, the Wisconsin vote recount which began on Thursday has thus far produced only 7 additional votes, 2 for Hillary Clinton and 5 more votes for Donald Trump, who won the state by some 22,000 votes. A vote recount in Michigan is set to begin on Tuesday and could wind up costing Michigan taxpayers as much as $12 Million dollars!

Jill Stein

Now, it is rather odd that Jill Stein is asking for more money, because she has already raised over $6.5 Million for her vote recount efforts. The Wisconsin recount, which is actually more like a second tally of overall votes, is expected to cost the Green Party about $1.5 to $2.5 Million dollars. In Michigan, since the overall vote difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was below the 0.5% threshold at 0.3%, the state, meaning the taxpayers, will foot the cost. Bad news for children, the poor and senior citizens who might need some aide from the state since the recount costs will come out of the General Fund. I guess is a school doesn′t get a new furnace, or a single mother doesn′t get some baby food, or a senior doesn′t get some free medical attention, they can blame Jill Stein and the Green Party.

So why does Jill Stein need another $1 Million dollars? She obviously already has more than enough after raising $6.5 Million to cover her foolish, vote recount stunt. Your guess is as good as mine, though I think that this is all about adding more green to the Green Party′s bank account. During her entire presidential campaign run, the Green Party only raised less than $3 Million dollars for Jill Stein. Probably not enough for her to skim enough loose cash to buy a new house. Something is fishy about this whole thing. There is no way that any vote recount is going to alter the outcome of her finishing in Fourth Place. So, how can she possibly be an ′aggrieved party′ with any legal standing in a court of law? No, friends, this is a stunt! A scam to raise money and nothing more. Beyond that, it is a play to degrade the legitimacy of Donald Trump′s victory.

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