If there is one lesson to be learned thanks to President-Elect Donald J. Trump, it is that he has forced the advocates of ′politics-as-usual′ to reveal themselves for the fools which they are! Two blatant examples of this are the so-called ′Conservatives′ of radio talk show host Mark Levin and National Review writer Kevin Williams. Their reaction to Donald Trump saving over 1,100 jobs in Indiana from being eliminated by Carrier is nothing short of crazy! Williams is now questioning the whole concept of ′supply-side-economics′, including how tax cuts stimulate economic growth. Meanwhile, Levin says that what Trump did was unconstitutional, and actually compared Trump with Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. REALLY??? Even Sarah Palin is upset about what Trump did. I guess she doesn′t want a job in his administration? The world, perhaps even the Universe, has been turned upside-down.

Donald Trump Carrier Deal

In their zeal to remain relevant, Williams and Levin are tossing away fundamental political theories, not to mention sound mathematics. Yesterday of the Fox News Channel program, ″The Five″, Eric Bolling, the last sane man on FNC, laid out the numbers, which turned out to be even better than I had thought! Of course, Bolling had more accurate figures on what the average income of the Carrier workers whose jobs Donald Trump had saved. For the measly $700,000 a year for the next ten years which Indiana is putting up in tax credits, the state will gain a net surplus of some $2.6 Million dollars in tax revenue each year. The federal government will get even more, since they are taxing the workers at a higher rate than Indiana′s 3.3% annual income tax. The average worker whose job Trump saved earns about $70,000 per year, equally some $77 Million dollars in economic activity each year.

The numbers do not lie! This deal was an amazing deal! A win-win for all. But, Mark Levin says that he read Article Two of the U.S. Constitution and nowhere in it is there any mention of a U.S. President being responsible for the nation′s economy. In Levin′s insane mind, the President has no business meddling with it. Kevin Williams takes an even harsher stand, writing that tax cuts interfere with free market forces. A couple of months ago, Williams even proposed that if small towns and rural America could not keep up in the global marketplace, they should be left alone to die on the vine.

Now, of course, the basic flaw in the logic of these two buffoons, as well as with those whom agree with them, is that we have a free market in the first place! We most certainly do not have a free market! Our economy is heavily regulated and manipulated by governments, banks, corporations and special interests. Even our debt-based, currency system chokes the economy. The Republican Party has been accused by Democrats of being the party of the wealthy, the banks, the corporations, the special interests, and rightly so to a degree. However, as we have seen over the decades, it is the Democratic Party which is truly in the tank for the rich and mighty. They invented special interests with ′Identity Politics′. Barack Obama, along with both Bill and Hillary Clinton, raised far more campaign money from the banks and corporations than their opponents.

What President-Elect Donald J. Trump achieved, along with Mike Pence, was to demonstrate just how easy it is to reach a practical, pragmatic solution which benefited the Average American citizen, as well as the cause of National Sovereignty. Trump did not do anything unconstitutional. He negotiated on behalf of the citizens of the United States to keep jobs here rather than being moved to Mexico. Trump had no real power to threaten Carrier, other than the power of reason, of rational thought. He explained to the heads of Carrier and their parent company, United Technologies, that his future plans, if legally approved by Congress, will benefit them enormously.

The reaction from the CEOs of Carrier and United Technologies was, simply, a leap of faith. They decided to ′Trust In Trump′ and they changed their position accordingly. I do not know what the State of Indiana Constitution says in regards to the powers Mike Pence may have exercised in arranging a small tax credit, but it is certainly nothing new as nearly every state makes similar arrangements to get private companies to employ their citizens. If government picking winners and losers is tyranny, then I say I′m happy with a tyranny that picks a winner, a company or industry which makes products consumers actually want rather than the Obama method of picking losers like Solyndra.

If there is a similarity, it is marginal, except in that we now have a president who can pick winners instead of losers. That makes all of difference! Picking winners is definitely better. Especially when the price is right, so right it is too good to pass up. Only a fool would think that the Trump-Carrier deal is a bad one. Not only will both the State of Indiana and the United States make out like bandits, but this sends a clear message to the rest of the business world that the Trump administration knows what it is doing. Along with that, we have 1,100 or more workers that will still have jobs, so the Average American citizen can also have faith in the reality that the Trump Administration has their back, too!

The negative reaction from Democrats and Liberals on the Carrier deal is easy to understand. With each success that President-Elect Donald J. Trump pulls off, it makes life harder for the Democratic Party in 2018 and 2020. Hell, Trump is laying the ground work for how to succeed politically for the next 50 years! But to watch and listen to the so-called ′Conservatives′ rail against the Carrier deal is, perhaps, even more crazier than what we get from Democrats. Mark Levin and Kevin Williams are complete idiots for their method of thinking. They, along with Glenn Beck and many, many others, are losing all credibility, if they really had any in the first place. I′m sorry to say that whatever credibility they may have had is purely that which we gave them without really thinking about it. But thanks to Donald Trump, now we see what is possible and the landscape is changing rapidly. There′s a new broom sweeping the nation of the morons whom have held America back for decades.

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