President-Elect Donald J. Trump began his USA Thank You Tour 2016 yesterday. Over 17,000 people packed the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio last night to hear him. But, first, Trump went to Indiana with his running mate, the Governor of Indiana, Vice-President-Elect Mike Pence, to visit a Carrier Corporation plant saved by Trump. Scheduled to be closed and jobs shipped to Mexico, Donald Trump intervened on behalf of the workers who were soon to be laid off. Trump and Pence have stopped two plants from being closed and saved over 1,100 jobs. The first success in Trump′s plan to Make America Great Again.

Donald Trump USA Thank You Tour 2016

Critics in The Media, as well as from the White House and Democratic Party, complain that Carrier is getting a $7 Million dollar tax break. The deal negotiated by Trump does give Carrier $700,000 in tax breaks each year for the next decade. But, the State of Indiana will get their money back in less than two years. In addition, Carrier will invest $16 Million in Indiana, and their parent company, United Technology, will also invest in the state, bringing the total to about $35 Million dollars. A far better deal than the so-called ′shovel-ready′ jobs allegedly created and saved by Barack Obama at a cost of some $400,000 each back in 2009 under the phony ′Stimulus′ program.

Later in the evening, Trump and Pence arrived in Cincinnati where a huge crowd of supporters cheered them on. He began by thanking the people of Ohio for helping him win, pointing out the many errors by pundits of The Media. ″He has no path to 270 Electoral College votes.″ It was ′Classic Trump′ as The Donald often deviated from his prepared speech to once again resort to ′stream of consciousness′ free-styling. The method worked as the crowd went wild as he attacked the liars of The Media and even poked fun at a Hillary Clinton protester. ″I guess she didn′t hear that the election is over and Hillary lost″, Trump quipped. ″Send her back to her mother′s basement!″

President-Elect Trump even told the crowd a secret, telling them that he will formally announce on Monday the selection of retired Marine Corp General James ′Mad Dog′ Mattis as Secretary of Defense. Trump even called him ′Mad Dog′ by name. It was great! The content of the main speech, however, focused mostly on the plans he has to Make America Great Again. Particularly some details on what he will do starting on his first day in the White House, by repealing the executive orders of Barack Hussein Obama.

Trump laid out his strategy of America First, bringing about Nationalist policies to unify the country and improve life in general across the nation. Most of this we have heard him talk about many times before on the campaign trail. Donald Trump intends to repair our economy by unleashing the full potential of free enterprise. He remarked how regulations, more so than taxes, have straggled businesses, from the family farm to large corporations. All of that will soon change as the Trump administration eliminates needless regulations and reduces tax rates on businesses and the Middle Class.

The President-Elect also talked about how he will rebuild ′Rural America′ and the Inner Cities. How his infrastructure program will upgrade our roads, bridges, tunnels, airports and hospitals. Trump told the audience to not think small, but to dream big, as they now have a voice in restoring America′s greatness and standing in the world. That united, America can accomplish anything!

Of course, critics in The Media immediately attacked the Trump speech, as they always do. But their message is falling on deaf ears, as Donald Trump has proven that he does not need The Media. Trump knows how to talk to the American People directly and in a language that they understand. The Cincinnati rally was just the first on many for the USA Thank You Tour 2016. And why not? The Trump transition team is now well ahead of any other in-coming presidency as far as making cabinet appointments since 1968. So much for The Media lies about the Trump Team being in ″disarray″ and ″chaotic″. But, what else do you expect from the ′Fake News′ organs like CNN and the Washington Post? If you missed the speech, watch it below…

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