President-Elect Donald J. Trump has fulfilled one campaign promise this week, negotiating a deal with Carrier Corporation to save 1,000 American jobs in Indiana! Throughout the campaign, candidate Donald Trump railed against U.S. companies like Ford and Nabisco for moving American jobs to Mexico. Trump vowed that if elected, any company that announced such a move would get a phone call from him, personally. That he would threaten the company CEO with tariffs and taxes on products shipped to the USA from their factories in Mexico. Trump even promised to stop eating Oreo cookies!

Trump saves Carrier jobs

Then came cell phone video posted on-line from a meeting held by executives of Carrier Corporation where they informed their employees in Indiana that 1,400 would be laid off soon as the company moved manufacturing to Mexico. Candidate Trump raised the issue during his stump speeches at his mega-rallies. It became another example of how NAFTA and other trade deals were poorly negotiated by the dimwits in Washington, DC. Trump made this an important plank in his campaign, of putting ′America First′ and bring about a new ′Era of Economic Nationalism′. The message worked and played a major role in his success on November 8, 2016.

A couple weeks ago, President-Elect Trump tweeted on Twitter that he had received a phone call personally from Ford Motor Company Chairman Bill Ford, promising not to move production of Lincoln SUVs to Mexico from Kentucky as previously planned. While Ford had not announced any layoffs when they first decided to make the move south of the border, Trump responded in his tweet that he had saved jobs. Some in The Media argued the point. But it is fairly certain that at some later date, Ford probably would have laid off American workers.

Then, on Thanksgiving Day, Trump tweeted about how he was in negotiations with Carrier and should have some good news shortly. Carrier also tweeted that talks were underway, but gave no details. Yesterday, a deal had been reached! Carrier, which is owned by United Technologies, a major supplier to the U.S. Defense Department, has decided to remain in Indiana! President-Elect Donald J. Trump also tweeted the good news. About 1,000 jobs will be saved.

Specifics on the deal will be made public possibly as early as tomorrow, when Donald Trump and Mike Pence head for Indiana to begin a 2016 USA Thank You Tour. They are planning to visit some 15 states and hold more mega-rallies as they did during the campaign. The word is that details of the Carrier deal will be announced at the start of this ′Victory Lap′ by Trump, himself.

There is no getting around this one, folks! Not even the fools in The Media will be able to downplay how Trump saved American jobs from migrating to Mexico. Given the numbers, I am guessing that Carrier still intends to layoff 400 or so employees. But who knows? Perhaps some will be transferred to another division of United Technologies? The bottom line is that Donald J. Trump has come through on his campaign promise. He will take a proactive role in personally trying to keep American jobs in America. For about 50 years, we have been losing our manufacturing base. Trump has drawn a line in the sand and defiantly says, ″No More!″

This is a major shift in national policy. Make no mistake about it! No other U.S. president has done anything like this before. We now have, for the first time in post-WW2 history, a president who is making it personal business to save American jobs. A president who is poised and ready to help the Working Man and Woman. If Trump just does this sort of thing fr the next 4 years, he will easily win reelection by a tsunami of a landslide! We may even see major labor unions openly endorse him in 2020. This is historic!

Only a real fool in The Media, Academe, or in Liberal politics would deny the significance of Donald Trump saving 1,000 jobs from being moved to Mexico by Carrier. As they also would believe that Trump will just be a bumbling president, letting Mike Pence and Rience Preibus run the White House. The Liberal bozos are in for a rude awakening! We are already seeing from his cabinet and staff appointments that Trump is gearing up to take America through a whole new door. He is the ultimate Alpha Male and is loaded with boundless energy. Secure your seat belts for we are in for a hyper-dynamic presidency over the next 4 to 8 years, unlike the last 8 years of do-nothing Obama. The plan to Make America Great Again has blasted off the launching pad even before Trump has been sworn into office!

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