The ′Fake News′ gang at the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, etc., are trying their best to discount any relationship of radical Islamic terrorism in the Ohio State University shooting. Actually, it was not much of a ″shooting″, but the Internet is still using it as a ′keyword′. Somali immigrant, Abdul Razak Ali Artan drove an automobile into a group of students and faculty at OSU yesterday. He then stabbed up to 11 people with a butcher′s knife. But the 18 year0old terrorist did not last long as within two minutes, he was shot dead by OSU police officer Alan Horujko, a 28 year-old graduate of OSU. While those in The Media ponder about the motive for the terrorist attack, it is very clear. Abdul did leave an angry post on his Facebook page, ranting about how Muslims are treated in the United States.

While the attacker may not have formally declared allegiance with ISIS or Al Qaeda, there is no doubt that he was inspired. In recent weeks, ISIS has been publicizing the need for Muslims to run infidels over with motor vehicles, as well as using knives to kill. Abdul obvious heard the call and responded by using both prescribed methods.

The Somali youth came to America two years ago as a refugee via Pakistan, and the Obama administration granted him full legal status as such. Whether he had any formal training by terrorist groups in either Somalia or Pakistan is unknown. However, based on the methods used in his attack, and the rant he left on social media, there is no question that he was a radical, Islamic terrorist.

However, the idiots in the ′Fake News′ media are trying their best to downplay such a connection. I′m sure that had the attacker been some White Christian male of European decent who favored Pro-Life, anti-Baby Meat views, The Media would have promoted the story that Abdul was some Neo-Nazi from the Alt-Right. Probably inspired to take action by the election of Donald Trump. The Media may have even accused Abdul of being a xenophobic, homophobic, racist who thinks that marriage is the ticket for the legalized rape of women. He may have even been against Equal Pay for Women!

But, no, Abdul was a Muslim. An angry Muslim at that! He even complained to the OSU campus newspaper about the lack of designated prayer facilities at the university. One has to wonder why he came to America in the first place if we are so mean and nasty to those of his faith? Or why he stayed? I know I wonder why people like Abdul stick around if they think America is such a bad place. I′m sure Barack Obama or maybe George Soros would have gladly given Abdul the cash needed to go someplace else like Syria or Libya where he would fit right in. Somewhere with plenty of prayer rooms equipped with foot baths, ready for use!

So, are you buying the ′Fake News′ from The Media as they try to make OSU shooting ′victim′ Abdul Razak Ali Artan a sympathetic character? Or do you agree with me that the now dead numbskull was indeed a radical Islamic terrorist? How much longer will The Media continue to spew out such Fake News about how Muslim attackers are just mixed-up kids, upset by all of the racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia in America′s Heart Land? You know, the vast expanse of the nation which voted for Donald Trump. Next thing you know, The Media will be sounding an alarm that Trump will put journalists in cages and display them on floats in next year′s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The perfect thing for a White Christian holiday! Oh, wait! Christiane Amanpour of CNN has already voiced concerns about being locked up in a cage. God save the Foundation!

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