President-Elect Donald J. Trump is calling the vote recount a ″scam″. This comes after the Hillary Clinton campaign announced that it is joining the Jill Stein effort to have the votes recounted in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. On Friday, the Green Party candidate filed the paperwork for a recount of ballots in Wisconsin after raising some $5-to-$7 Million dollars. Under Wisconsin law, if the percentage difference does not meet a threshold of 0.5%, then those wanting a recount must foot the costs. Trump won the state, and its 10 electoral college votes, by a margin well above the threshold for a free recount, about 30,000 votes or 1% of the total votes cast. The last state-wide vote recount in Wisconsin had about half as many votes cast and only 300 ballots were questioned.

Vote Recount

In Michigan, the difference was about 10,000 votes, roughly 0.3%. In Pennsylvania, the difference is over 70,000 votes, about 1.2%. Oddly enough, nobody is calling for recount in New Hampshire, where Hillary Clinton won, despite the difference being only 0.4%. This exercise is rather pointless, as it is highly unlikely that a recount will change a sufficient number of votes to alter the results. So why is it happening?

Obviously, Jill Stein has absolutely no chance of being declared the winner in any of these three states. The Green Party candidate barely got 1% of the vote nationwide. She finished Fourth after Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson. Now, she claims that she is doing this in the name of democracy. A couple of egg-head professors are charging that according to their computer models, there are some voting irregularities. Some lunatics are even alleging that Russian hackers, the new boogeyman for the Far Left, are behind the alleged vote hack.

You would think that if Jill Stein really wanted to ensure that Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump, that maybe she would have dropped out or stayed out of the presidential race. In a few states it might have made a difference. But we have to keep in mind what the Green Party is. I wrote a month or two ago about how Gary Johnson became the Libertarian Party candidate in 2012, and again in 2016, because the Republican Party is just too crowded. Over the years, the Libertarian Party has become an ′over-fill′ room for egomaniac politicians from the GOP. Likewise, the Green Party is an over-fill room for the Democratic Party. Jill Stein′s ego and head is just too big to contend with even larger heads and egos in the DNC. They are all a bunch of like-minded Socialists. So there is no real difference in political thought.

That Hillary Clinton is now joining this vote recount farce is not so surprising either. Even after she made such a fuss during and after the third presidential debate when Donald Trump refused to automatically accept the election results. Hillary declared that such an attitude was ″horrifying″ and ″a threat to democracy″. While Hillary Clinton did concede the election in the wee hours of Wednesday morning after it became clear that she had lost, she refused to do so in public until much later on Wednesday. Rumors abound that she was rather drunk and in a full angry rage, requiring her to be physically restrained from harming John Podesta and Robby Mook as the election results shifted in Trump′s favor.

We have also learned that over the past couple of weeks, there is an effort by the Clinton campaign to muddle the Electoral College vote, which is coming up on December 19. List of Electoral College voters have been made public and many are being threatened to change their votes. So I am not surprised that Hillary Clinton is joining in this vote recount farce of Jill Stein. While the recount will not give her a straight-forward win, Hillary may be able to disrupt the Electoral College by delaying the certification of election results. The deadline for this is December 13.

Sorry folks, but what is at work here is a case of sour grapes that could lead to a minor Constitutional Crisis. These two egotistical bimbos are disruptors at the very least. In a worse case scenario, they are plain crazy and trying to create a power vacuum. Not that it will do them any good, as thew worst that would happen would be to throw the election into the hands of the House of Representatives, controlled by Republicans. There is little doubt that they would abide by the election results and name Donald Trump as president. To do otherwise would be political suicide.

If there is somebody to blame for this, they are the state legislatures for having such loosey-goosey laws concerning vote recounts. Here we are nearly 4 weeks after the election and almost 2 weeks away from the certification deadline. The filing date for any recount petition should be right after an election, say within 10 business days. There should also be a legitimate, legal reason for initiating a recount. There needs to be a rational cause to delay a vote from being certified. Most states do have laws requiring an automatic recount under certain conditions, such as a very low difference in vote totals between candidates. That is rational and fully acceptable. But for something like this attempt which appears to be not based in any sort of specific reason, and with numbers well beyond those which might be expected to change a result, I doubt if any judge in any court would allow it to go forward. Just is just an exercise in ego and spite, plain and simple.

In the end, Hillary Clinton would need the vote results all three states in question to be changed to win. That will not happen. The numbers and the differences are too wide. Donald Trump won! The fact that many did not think it could happen is due to The Media and Democratic Party fools believing their own lies. As well as ignoring the reality of what is happening in Middle America. For the last few election cycles, Wisconsin has been a lot more ′Red′ than in the past. Michigan and Pennsylvania are somewhat more ′Purple′ than believed. It did not help matters when Hillary was going around threatening to regulate jobs in the steel and energy industry out of existence. There is no mystery why people elected Donald Trump. They want JOBS! Voters are tired of being broke or unemployed. This election had nothing to do with race or gender or other ′talking points′. They wanted jobs and they wanted change, things that Hillary Clinton was not offering them.

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