Season Greetings or Season Beatings? At least two people have been reportedly killed while shopping for the best Black Friday 2016 deals. Another triumph for Consumerism! The bloodshed began first in Reno, Nevada last night at a Walmart parking lot as a man was shot dead in a battle over a parking spot. In Hamilton, New Jersey, there was also a parking lot shooting leaving one man dead. Across the nation, shopping malls and stores saw an many fistfights, wrestling matches and other brawls as shoppers battled over flat screen TVs, tablets, towels and even toilet paper! When will this madness end?

Black Friday Deals

We have seen a steady increase in violence over Black Friday bargains over the years. Discounts have turned shoppers into crazed lunatics. How many shopping mall security guards and other store workers have been trampled by crowds as doors open? Shoppers as well have been trampled in these stampedes. The pushing, the shoving to get the best deals on Christmas gifts has been getting worse and worse. Even the Internet has done little to stem the tide of Black Friday shopping violence. You would think with Cyber Monday along with regular bargains on sites like Amazon should have eased the need for fighting over toys and electronic devices.

On Wednesday night, the Comedy Channel ran an all-day marathon of the cartoon series, ″South Park″. Included was the three-part special on Black Friday mimicking the HBO series, ″Game of Thrones″. Yes, armies of children gathered to battle over X-boxes and Play Stations. Bill Gates of Microsoft helped armed his allies with swords and guns while the Sony Corporation turned Kenny into an anime princess with magic powers. While the two factions prepared to square off at a Red Robin restaurant for a recreation of the ′Red Wedding′, a mass of zombie-like shoppers gathered in the parking lot next door to storm ′The Mall′. The carnage was thorough and complete. Even George R. R. Martin was gutted with a knife!

So what lengths of violence will you go through to get the best Black Friday deals? Will you shoot somebody? Pound their skulls into a bloody mass of flesh and bone? Step on children? Sever arms, legs or heads? Or will the ″South Park″ special trilogy based on ″Game of Thrones″ convince you to chill out? Maybe not participate in mindless Consumerism? One can only hope!

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