What are you thankful for on this Happy Thanksgiving Day 2016? I′ll tell you what I′m happy about. That President-Elect Donald J. Trump won the election! As if you couldn′t figure that one out. Trump′s victory has restored my faith in the American people. After 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama winning twice, I was starting to think that the game was over and that America is finished. Now, I have renewed optimism that maybe there is a chance that the country can be turned around. That concepts like Justice, Freedom, and Honesty will once again become American values.

Thanksgiving Day

I′ll tell you another thing that I am thankful for. For the first time in 20 years, I was proud of my vote! The last time I felt that way was in 1996 when I wrote my own name down for President. I knew darn well that Bob Dole was not going to beat Bill Clinton. Especially in Michigan, where many were still under the illusion that NAFTA was going to create a bunch of new jobs. Despite that ′Giant-Sucking-Sound′.

Not only was I happy to vote for Donald Trump, but I am glad that I played my small part in helping him turn Michigan into a Red State for a change. It was a slender victory, I think the latest count has Trump ahead by about 10,000-some votes. So every vote counts and mine helped.

The feeling of pride and happiness is a unique high which I have not felt in a long time. Really not since Ronald Reagan won in 1980, the first presidential election I voted in. I did not have to do like Ann Coulter suggested in 2008 and ′get drunk′ to vote for John McCain, nor hold my nose like last time in 2012 to vote for Mittens Romney. If Trump picks Romney to be Secretary of State, I′ll clinch my teeth and ′Trust In Trump′. But deep in my heart, I′d rather Romney be exiled and forgotten about. Maybe put him in a glass case marked ″Choking Loser″ and put on display at some truck stop in Utah.

But I′ll be nice and stay in a happy frame of mind today. We, as a people, earned a bit of happiness this year. There is much potential with President-Elect Donald Trump preparing to take over the White House. The first 100 days will be exciting ones, and much more will come our way as 2017 progresses. So Happy Thanksgiving Day 2016! Rejoice and celebrate as we, united together, Make America Great Again!

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