Will President-Elect Donald J. Trump prosecute Hillary Clinton? The obvious answer is ″No″! Trump is not a lawyer, nor does he even play one on TV. Aside from that, as President of the United States, it is simply not his call to make, even after taking the oath of office. That is reserved for the Department of Justice and the Attorney General. So any comments made by Trump or any of his surrogates is a rather pointless at this point in time. For those in The Media to bother asking the question is likewise ridiculous. There are still 4 FBI field offices investigating the Clinton Foundation plus at least two Congressional committees investigating the Benghazi attack and the Hillary Clinton private email server scandal. The DOJ will decide the matter in due course when appropriate. If the trail of evidence leads as I believe it will, we will eventually hear those words, ″Lock Her Up!″

Trump Clinton

I am not very concerned about the recent statements by President-Elect Donald J. Trump nor those of his surrogates on this matter of prosecuting Hillary Clinton. Trump has bigger fish to fry right now, like building a cabinet and a staff at the White House. Once he takes office, his initial focus will be on fixing the economy, creating jobs, slashing taxes and regulations, as well as fighting ISIS and securing our borders. Then there is repealing and replacing Obamacare, making certain that Iran and other nations behave themselves, along with rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.

The pledge by President-Elect Trump to #DrainTheSwamp will come in due course. He is already establishing a precedent by forbidding any government officials from becoming lobbyists for domestic interests for 5 years and a life-time ban on being a lobbyist for a foreign interest. Now, cleaning up our corrupt political system will be a huge undertaking. There are a whole lot of elected, appointed and hired people in Washington who will face some serious scrutiny. We are literally looking at years of probes and investigations.

Sure, I would love to see Bill and Hillary Clinton get their comeuppance. I could die a happy man after seeing those two take a perp-walk in orange jumpsuits! That would definitely send a message that criminals need not seek political office anymore. But there are plenty of others who would also get caught in such a dragnet. Just think about how Barack and Michelle Obama could barely afford to buy one small mansion in Chicago and now, after 8 years in the White House, are buying three large mansions! I read that one of these is a rather sizable estate in Hawaii worth some $20 Million dollars or more!

I have been amused the past few days as many in The Media are raising questions about how President-Elect Donald Trump will deal with his business empire? I believe that I have actually heard Mark Halperin of Bloomberg News make the charge that Trump intends to enrich himself by using the Oval Office. Not sure how Halperin knows what is going on inside the mind, heart and soul of Donald Trump? Perhaps I missed reading about Halperin′s psychic powers in his bio?

Now, I know that Ann Coulter and others are upset. But, I stand by my article from last week entitled ″Trust In Trump!″ He has a lot of fish to fry and he will do so in a timely, rational order. Trump is trying to be a nice guy right now. We have had a long and bitter campaign which has caused a great deal of angst and division. So be patient. Relax. Take your shoes off. Light one up! Good times are a comin′ and we′ve only just begun. Besides, if you study your history, you know that the blindside leaves the sweetest taste. That unexpected dagger thrust with a nice twist always works best.

Ah, yes! To feel your opponent′s last breath on your face when they go down! That is pure joy indeed. Now, I don′t mean to imply that President-Elect Donald Trump is going to commit any violence against Hillary Clinton. Nor do I advocate any violence or use of force under such circumstances. We live in a nation of laws and sooner or later, The Law usually prevails. I have no doubt that under a Trump administration, the concept of justice will be restored. Justice for all. Equally measured out regardless of rank or title. So quit bellyaching! We are on the cusp of a new Golden Age. True, we need to hold Trump′s feet to the fire like any politician. But my confidence is not lost. Not one grain of it!

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