Richard Spencer, President of the National Policy Institute, was attacked by CNN this morning on ″New Day″. For nearly the first 20 minutes of the show, Spencer was accused of leading a ′Nazi-like′, ″Hail Trump″ salute during a celebration gathering on Saturday. Forget about actual news items like the earthquake in Japan or the deadly school bus accident in Chattanooga. In the video CNN aired, Spencer raised a glass of water with his left hand as he cheered the recent election of Donald Trump as our next President of the United States. Many others of the some 200 gathered also raised cups and bottles. A few people, perhaps 4 or 5 in the video shown, did raise their right hands in what could be described as a ′Nazi-like′ salute. But Richard Spencer did not, nor did most of those attending the Alt-Right victory party.

Richard Spencer

So, we start off with another juicy lie from CNN about this gathering being some Neo-Nazi thing. Then CNN goes even further in their lies, after relaying a message from the Trump campaign team disavowing ″racism in any form″. CNN anchor Chris Cuomo says that the statement from Team Trump is not enough! He claims that President-Elect Donald Trump, himself, must make a detailed speech on the matter, much like that which Barack Hussein Obama was forced to make after video of incendiary remarks from his former pastor and spiritual advisor of 20 years, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright became public. According to Cuomo, only then would President-Elect Trump be absolved of any connection to Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right.

There are a couple of problems with this belief of Chris Cuomo. First of all, President-Elect Trump is not a member of the National Policy Institute, nor has he ever probably even heard of them before! Not exactly the same thing as Obama spending 20 years in the church of a Black Liberation Nationalist preacher. A church where Obama was married in and his daughters were baptized, too! Just days before Obama made his speech in Philadelphia condemning the Rev. Wright, Obama had called him as practically a member of his own family, like an uncle.

The next problem with Cuomo′s statement is that the idea that President-Elect Trump would be absolved after a formal disavowing is ludicrous. The reason Obama was not pestered by The Media after his Philadelphia speech was because The Media were in the tank for Obama. Trump, on the other hand, does not share that standing. Just recall the whole David Duke endorsement thing. During a press conference, a reporter asked candidate Trump about Duke endorsing him and Trump immediately disavowed it. Did that end the matter? Of course not! For the next several days, The Media continued to hammer Trump about it. Including Jake Tapper at CNN during an interview with Trump the following Sunday morning.

President-Elect Donald Trump has absolutely no connection with Richard Spencer nor with the National Policy Institute. CNN owes Trump an apology for implying such. Chris Cuomo should be suspended for telling this lie and trying to make it ′news′. Cuomo should probably also apologize to Richard Spencer for telling the lie that he led the ″Hail Trump″ salute during the meeting last Saturday. Spencer did lead a cheer, raising a glass of water with his right hand. Not exactly a ′Nazi′ salute. That perhaps a few people out of some 200 attending the gathering may have done so is irrelevant. This is another clear example of the sort of ′Fake News′ we are getting from The Media these days. I wonder if Facebook, Twitter and Google will recognize it as such? My guess is ′No′.

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