If you thought that the elections were over, think again! The next phase in the Trump Revolution and the Culture War is just beginning. For the past two weeks, we have been seeing how the Far Left is going looney over the victory of President-Elect Donald J. Trump. On Friday, the cast of the Broadway musical, ″Hamilton″ decided to lecture Vice-President-Elect Mike Pence, who attended the performance with his family. Many in the audience even booed Pence as he entered. While Pence did not respond to these insults from the sore losers, a Trump supporter in Chicago booed the cast in that city. Then we have the shameless display at the ′Un-American′ Music Awards as singers and musicians use that televised platform to attack Trump and his millions of voters. Meanwhile, others have taken up the gauntlet to fight back years of political correct bigotry by demanding that Starbuck baristas write the name ″Trump″ on their cups. Both #BoycottHamilton and #TrumpCup are trending well on Twitter as the Culture War heats up.


Make no mistake, ′Real Americans′ are tired of being pushed around by Liberal Loons. We have already seen that the NFL and TV networks are taking a financial hit as viewership of football games drops some 25% ever since players began taking a knee during the National Anthem. With the holidays approaching, we can expect more backlash against retailers who continue to squash the idea of Christmas and its religious value from their advertising and store policies. Some success by our side has been achieved as many stores have decided not to open on Thanksgiving Day, bucking a trend which has been building for many years.

Political Correctness has overstepped and overreached all sensibilities. Whatever message of tolerance and politeness has been lost as the Far Left pushes beyond the extreme. With colleges, high schools and elementary schools trying to brainwash students into thinking that America is a racist country, a sexist country, an evil country, the battlelines are drawing for a showdown in education soon. The same is true for mayors of so-called ′Sanctuary Cities′ where federal laws are violated everyday at the peril of their own citizens just to make a political statement.

Donald Trump has reshaped the political landscape. The Democratic Party is at its lowest level of political power for more than 90 years. Likewise, ′The Establishment′, including those in the GOP, have been cut off at the knees by Trump and his supporters. The Far Left is in such disarray that even Kanye West is lashing out against them for their failures to bring about any genuine social benefits. If I were Donald Trump, I′d invite Kanye for over for a chat and see if they can collaborate. What a message that would send! Maybe Trump can have Kanye be the headliner for his inauguration of for the rally Trump plans to hold in Flint, Michigan after January 20.

Regular readers may have been noticing that I have refrained from gloating the past couple of weeks. The Trump Revolution has turned the country upside-down and things are in a state of flux. But, as Tony Curtis′ character in ″Operation Petticoat″ said, ″There is opportunity in chaos.″ The opportunity before us right now is not only to ′Drain The Swamp′ in Washington, DC, but also drain the cesspools all across America! Trump the Unifier is just the sort of guy who could pull it off, too!

And that is what real has Liberals in a tizz right now. In 2008, Barack Obama was elected as the candidate who will bring ′Hope and Change′ to America. John McCain lost because he was seen as just a 3rd term of George W. Bush. However, in many ways, Obama turned out to be that 3rd Bush term. Many of GW′s policies were continued, even expanded upon. Especially all of the bad ones! In full retrospect, we′ve had 28 straight years of Status Quo for the advancement of Globalism. The price of which has been 28 years of trashing America as a nation. From George H. W. Bush, through Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the idea of Nationalism and the Nation State has been in decline.

That has all changed now with the victory of President-Elect Donald J. Trump! Trump is the ′Real Deal′ when it comes to restoring the value and meaning of the Nation State. If you watch his old interviews with Phil Donahue and Oprah Winfrey back in the 1980s, he was preaching that message then. Trump is the most insightful, visionary president ever elected. Even more so than Ronald Reagan. Reagan was mainly focused on the Cold War and the Soviet Union. Trump has been focused on our entire way of life!

His supporters ′get it′, too! Unlike those inside The Beltway or on Wall Street, those of the Trump Revolution have been living in the hell of Globalism. They have seen jobs and opportunities stolen away from them. They have been shaken down as trillions of dollars have been ripped off from them by the Internationalists. The Trump voter is fed up and tired of being robbed and then told that they are guilty of not giving the thieves more! Is it any wonder why they have rallied around a man who believes the same as they do?

I get a kick out of the idiots in The Media whom have been caught flat-footed over the so-called ′Hidden Trump Vote′. Like seeing tens of thousands of people waiting for long hours in line to get into a Trump rally was hidden? Talk about hiding in plain sight, right under their noses! No, folks, anyone with half a brain should have seen this coming. All one needed was eyes to see and ears to hear. But, Liberals and their fellow travelers are deaf, dumb and blind to all but the lies they tell themselves. And with the sanctimonious jackasses of The Media, Academia and the entertainment world all reacting the way they are now, the rest of ′Real America′ is starting to wonder what other lies they have been spoon fed over the decades?

Just as the Trump campaign was actually a movement, the Trump Revolution is just the beginning of a complete overhaul of our society. I′m not sure where this bucking bronco is headed just yet, but one thing is certain. We′re not in Kansas anymore, Toto! President-Elect Donald J. Trump has kicked open a whole new door to a world with the potential to be far brighter and better than anything we thought possible. His voters, his supporters, are fired up and ready for the adventure ahead. They won at the ballot box and are ready to take on all comers. #BoycottHamilton and #TrumpCup are just the first salvo in this psychological event. Dare I say it? The Great Awakening has begun!

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