The ′Roll-Back′ has begun! Or is it ′The Purge′? Hard to keep track with all of the crazy nonsense The Media is spewing. President-Elect Donald J. Trump has appointed Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to head the Department of Justice as our next Attorney General. This is a brilliant selection and sends a clear message that Law & Order shall shortly return to our society. On Friday, the Trump transition team also announced two other appointments, former Lt. General Mike Flynn to be National Security Advisor and Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) to be CIA Director. This sends a signal that fighting ISIS, and radical, Islamic terrorism will be a top priority for the Trump administration. Naturally, the Liberal Loons are displeased!


The lunacy of the Far Left continues to increase. From colleges and universities to public high and elementary schools, Liberal teachers and professors are creating whole lesson plans painting President-Elect Trump as a mysogynstic-racist-xenophobic-Islamophobic-homophobe. Its a full-court press as their outdated and deceitful world-view is crashing all about them. Of course, the Liberal lesson plans also paint those Americans who voted for Donald Trump as misogynistic-racist-xenophobic-Islamophobic-homophobe, too! Nice, eh?

Democratic Party politicians join in this chorus, as does The Media, since they have nothing else to offer. Their policies and agenda of the past 6-7 decades or more have left the country in utter ruins. America reached its breaking point and ran out of patience. They had hoped that Barack Hussein Obama would give them the change needed, but Obama failed. Not that he had any intention of fixing the country in the first place. The game plan from Obama was to finish the destruction of the remaining institutions which make America a unique exception in our world full of tyrants.

Liberals cannot help but being themselves, which is going to make President-Elect Trump′s job all the more easier. In fact, it may even be easier than Trump and Steve Bannon thought it would be! First, the Ford Motor Company reversed a decision to move some of its SUV production from Kentucky to Mexico, with Bill Ford Jr. calling Trump personally. That′s a step better than even what Trump promised during his rally speeches! Now, Apple is looking into producing some of their products here as well. We haven′t even started reforming the tax codes and rolling back regulations and already Corporate America has surrendered to Trump.

The ′Bannon Plan′ to turn the GOP into a ′Workers Party′ has proven to be successful. Only Donald Trump could have pulled it off as a candidate. We needed a bull in the china shop to smash through all the barriers. Trump did just that! He took the the slings and arrows of the worst attacks ever mounted in American politics. But Trump just shrugged them off and kept plowing forward. Frederick The Great would be proud of him! Fortune favors the bold and Trump was bold! He out bold everybody.

I am really excited with President-Elect Donald Trump choosing Sen. Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General. Sessions is exactly the right person needed to restore the Department of Justice. Despite the attacks by The Media, Jeff Sessions is a fair and honest man. There are far too few of those in elected offices in Washington, DC. Practically none in any appointed offices of the Barack Obama administration. Honest men like General Flynn were fired by Obama for being too honest. We are winning as Team Trump pushes forward with its appointments, which, oh, by the way, are coming at a much faster rate than nearly every other presidential transition team in recent history. So much for chaos and disarray. The real chaos and disarray is with the Democratic Party and their Liberal lunatic allies like Academia and The Media.

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