The Media and others are going spastic with tales of chaos within the Trump transition team. They don′t like the picks so far from President-Elect Donald Trump, nor does The Media like how recent personnel changes are going. Heck, the foolish dolts in The Media are even upset that the Trump family ducked them to have dinner at 21. Rachel Maddow at MSNBC even went as far to say that ducking the press pool was a matter of ″National Security″! Really? Did she say the same thing when Barack Obama would duck the press to play golf with Tiger Woods?

Trust In Trump

Bad enough we have a bunch of college brats, celebrities, snowflakes and buttercups who still need therapy dogs and other forms of special attention a week after the election results. But we are also getting some noise from former ′Never Trump′ types as well as guys like John McCain. Clods like Joe Scarborough of ″Morning Schmoe″ claim that they would have started picking cabinet secretaries the day after they won the primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina. I guess like Hillary Clinton was doing, heh? Maybe that is why she lost!?!?

The Media and the rest of these bozos are never going to be happy with anything President-Elect Donald Trump does. So, take my advice, just dismiss whatever they say. Forget about them, they suck! Those of us who voted for and supported Donald Trump need to just stay focused and ′Trust in Trump′!

That′s right! Trust in Trump! Its as simple as that. Or, if you prefer, ′Donald knows best′. We have seen over the past year and change that Donald Trump has made the right moves, the correct decisions, time and time again. Even when these choices were seen as strange or wrong, they always worked out to be the correct call.

I am not concerned about the so-called ″Stalinist Purge″, or ″knife fights″ that some are alleging. First off, Trump was thinking about the transition for several months. He put Chris Christie in charge of it shortly after the RNC convention. Now that the election campaigning is over, it makes perfect sense for Christie to be moved out and Mike Pence takes control. Pence knows Washington and the K-Street bunch, which is why a bunch of people Christie had brought in were let go.

There is no doubt that a genuine effort is being made to keep lobbyists and other Establishment types from being part of the Trump administration. That is fine with me. I have no doubt that President-Elect Donald Trump will make the best picks and decisions as he builds his White House team. I′m even cool with him picking guys like Ted Cruz having a role in the Trump team. If it works out, great! If not, Trump will fire the early hires and replace people with another batch. As long as Donald Trump is sitting in the ′Big Chair′, we don′t have a thing to worry about. So to put you in the mood to Trust in Trump, here′s a happy tune by The Collapsing Heart Club called ″Easy Street″. Enjoy!

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