Why did Hillary Clinton wait until Wednesday after the election to make a public concession speech? According to R. Emmett Terrell of ″The American Spectator″, it seems that Hillary may have blown a mental fuse Tuesday night. Sources, possibly one from CNN, allege that as election results began showing Donald Trump winning, Hillary Clinton went crazy! She had apparently been drinking as her team started celebrating earlier in the evening, confident of victory. But as key states were being called for President-Elect Trump, Hillary′s mood went south.

Talk about ′tone′, the reports allege that Hillary Clinton went into an all-out rage! Pounding furniture, throwing objects, and cursing like a rap singer. She may have gotten so bad that Hillary had to be restrained at one point. Robby Mook and John Podesta allegedly caught the brunt of Hurricane Hillary. When 2am rolled along and Pennsylvania was called for Trump, giving him 272 Electoral Votes, Podesta suggested that she appear before her supporters at the campaign party to thank them and concede the election. But, instead, the rumor is that Hillary screamed at Podesta, telling him to talk to the crowd. ″F*** them! F*** them all!″, was her response.

Now, on the one hand, I tend to believe that Hillary Clinton probably did throw a tantrum. She is rather famous for throwing lamps and ashtrays around when riled up. Hillary is also well known for her fondness of vodka and other spirits. She so may have been pretty hammered that night. The last person you want to be around is with an angry drunk.

On the other hand, she apparently did calm down enough to call Donald Trump and congratulate him. Maybe Bill Clinton or Chelsea calmed her down enough to stomach a quick phone call? Who knows? Maybe Trump told a little lie out of politeness had Bill called him for Hillary instead? We may never really know.

It is odd that Hillary Clinton did not make a speech immediately, nor addressed her supporters that night. There are rumors that the Clinton campaign did not want the optics of her sobbing supporters to be recorded for history while she gave them the bad news. I also suspect that she probably did not have a concession speech prepared in advance, given how over confident she was. Whatever did actually happen, it is clear that Hillary Clinton did not expect to lose the election. That outcome was not even on her radar. Another indicator of her bad judgment.

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