Reaction to the victory of President-Elect Donald J. Trump has devolved into national lunacy! Primal screams at Yale. Violent riots in Portland, Oregon and other cities. Celebrities like Lena Dunham and Miley Cyrus crying on social media. Even the ′Cucks′ are going spastic, with idiots like David Brock writing in the New York Times that Trump will resign in his first year because he will be overwhelmed. Egg McMuffin/Evan McMullin claims that he will lead the charge to rebuild the Conservative movement. Oprah Winfrey, on the other hand, thinks these fools should cool it on the hysteria and ″take a deep breath″. During an interview, Oprah says she has ″hope″ after seeing Donald Trump meeting with Barack Obama in the White House Thursday.

People have gone completely off the rails! College students, or Millennial ′Snowflakes′, require therapy dogs to pet or seek hugs from fellow morons. Many people actually think that they will soon die. One Liberal loon even challenged Elizabeth Warren proclaiming that global warming will kill him. Meanwhile, Whites across America face anger and violence from these nitwits. Viral video of beatings are circulating. There are some incidents of pro-Trump folks causing trouble, too! So the lunacy is on both sides, but, clearly, the Far Left is way out in front when it comes to stupidity.

Back in 1980 when Ronald Reagan won, there were some protests. Some crazy-talk from Liberals. But nothing like we are seeing now! When Michael Moore becomes the voice of reason by reminding people that the same ′racists′ who voted for Barack Obama twice now voted for Donald Trump, what can you say? Moore even puts political guru, Nate Silver to shame after Silver claims that the reason his algorithms failed was because he hadn′t realized how racist America was.

They have all forgotten, or ignored, the truth why Donald Trump is now the President-Elect. The economy stinks, Obamacare is a failure, our foreign policy is wrong and America is less safe than it was 8 years ago. Those are just the main points. We can add to those other issues. Like how people are getting fed up with political correctness. Or with Christianity and religion in general being attacked. Or how our permissive society is allowing criminality and other abhorrent behavior to thrive.

There are many reasons why voters rolled the dice and decided to elect Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton was just too crooked for her own good. The number of people who think our nation is headed in the wrong direction has reached a breaking point. Then we have the more mechanical, mundane reasons.

Donald Trump ran a great campaign! He did it on the cheap, too! Trump didn′t waste millions of dollars buying expensive TV ad time in California or New York like John McCain and Mitt Romney did. Nor did Trump use the usual Beltway Club of political consultants, charging big bucks to advise and run his campaign. I hope Frank Luntz has a good mortgage on his new home, complete with his own reproduction of the Oval Office, since he didn′t make much money off of Trump. You gotta wonder what is up with guys like Luntz and Glenn Beck having their own Oval Offices?

Speaking of Glenn Beck, I hear he′s trying to worm his way into Team Trump. I′m sure Beck is Omarosa′s ′Enemies List′. There are going to be a lot of so-called Conservatives looking for honest work, soon. I′m looking forward to the day when the National Review and the Weekly Standard are sold for a dollar each. Donald Trump did us all a great favor in not only exposing the wackiness of the Far Left, but also the liars and shills of the Far Right. No bucks for Cucks!

As for myself, I′m still building up to a happy mood. I′ve been disappointed too many times before. But I will say that things are looking better everyday. I do truly believe that President-Elect Donald J. Trump will be the greatest president in US history. Certainty, at least, the best in recent decades. So everybody just chill out, wake up, and wise up! We are just getting started here to Make America Great Again!

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