Okay, so now that we are getting more data from the 2016 election results, it is becoming very clear why Hillary Clinton lost. Some 6 Million fewer voters who supported Barack Obama in 2012 did not vote for her. Some voted for President-Elect Donald J. Trump. Some voted for 3rd Party candidates. Most just sat on their hands and did not vote at all. The ′Enthusiasm Gap′ was in play here. The only card Hillary could play to inspire a voter was the ′First Woman President′ one. Beyond that, she had nothing else to offer.

Defending and protecting the Barack Obama legacy simply was not a path to victory. I know, Obama wasn′t on the ballot. But he put himself on the ballot when he started this silly talk about how he would take it as a personal insult if Hillary Clinton lost. For the first time, publicly, Obama is acting like he has been humbled. Even when the courts ruled against some of his executive orders, Obama went on the offensive. He was still arrogant and haughty.

But, as we have seen in the past 48 hours, Obama is eating humble pie. He knows he got whacked! That the voters spanked him. Enough people either voted for Trump or sat it out to flip Blue States like Pennsylvania, Iowa and Wisconsin. Probably Michigan, too! All of his lies had caught up with him.

The same is true for Hillary Clinton. Her lies and past behavior cost her the election. I know there is much talk about how Bernie Sanders may have been better. I do not think it would have made as much of a difference as the ′experts′ and pundits feel. Sanders would not have changed the outcomes in places like Florida, Ohio or North Carolina. He might have made Michigan a clear win for the Democrats, and made Iowa and Wisconsin a tad closer. Of course, we′ll never really know since the DNC rigged the primaries in favor of Hillary.

In the end, the Democratic Party brought this loss upon themselves. They overreached, they went too far to the Left, and they were just too corrupt. There is clear evidence, thanks to WikiLeaks, that many knew about Hillary Clinton′s email server problems and saw vulnerability concerning her Wall Street ties, plus the whole Clinton Foundation nonsense. The DNC ignored it all because they believed, as The Media told them, that Hillary Clinton was entitled to be president.

From the very beginning, I knew Donald Trump had a good chance to win. He was the right sort of presidential candidate who could weather the usual storm of a pile on by The Media and Democratic Party operatives. He was a political animal unlike ever seen before on the landscape. Trump was certainly different than any other Republican Party candidate. I also knew that there was no way that Hillary Clinton would ever win in a landslide. At best, she would win by a nose.

The Trump victory may not have been a landslide, but it was an earthquake. I believe I read that only five states now have Democratic governors and legislatures. Even Paul Ryan had to admit that Trump′s coattails were long enough to carry some House and Senate wins. Donald Trump′s appeal to Middle America earned him the title of President-Elect. If he succeeds in fulfilling half of his agenda, President Trump could win a second term by a comfortable margin, perhaps even getting the popular vote.

Hillary Clinton could have won this election had she not been so corrupt. So arrogant. So dishonest. The actions by her and Bill Clinton after leaving the White House and while she was Secretary of State ruined her chances. She should never had run. The Democratic Party should have persuaded her not to run. Together, they have set in motion a new political paradigm where the GOP could reclaim its brand as the party of The People. The party of Middle America. Thanks to the mistakes of Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the DNC in total, the Republican Party is now in a position to alter the political landscape for the next 25 years in their favor. If President-Elect Donald J. Trump does ′Make America Great Again′, that shift could be even longer!

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