President-Elect Donald J. Trump will visit the White House today and meet with Barack Hussein Obama in the Oval Office. Trump′s wife. Melania, will spend time with Michelle in the East Wing while Mike Pence and his wife dine with Joe Biden and his wife at the US Naval Observatory. Thus begins the transition of power as the Obama administration counts down its last 69 days. In his congratulatory speech yesterday, Obama promised a smooth transition, having benefited from one, himself, thanks to George W. Bush. Bush ′43, of course, had no such luck when Bill Clinton left the White House, leaving the place vandalized and taking some $200,000 worth of furnishing and gifts which belong to the American people.

I have to admit that I feel sorry for Obama. His whole legacy, which was not much to begin with, will be completely unraveled in Trump′s first 100 days. Eight years down the tubes! Obama might as well have played golf everyday. Obamacare will be repealed and replaced. His executive orders and actions will be nullified. The Iran Nuclear Deal will be renegotiated. The ′Dream Act′ will vanish. About the only legacy Obama will have left is a harshly divided nation that needs healing and a $20 Trillion dollar National Debt.

On the other hand, because of those legacy items, I′ll be very happy to see Obama gone! He really was an atrocious president. For 5, straight years, from 2010 through 2014, Obama couldn′t even put together an annual federal budget deal. That is a first for any president! Likewise, Obama was also the first president to reside over having our US Treasury bonds downgraded. Some legacy, huh?

What may be a bright light is that some pundits are already predicting that Barack Obama will be the new leader of the Democratic Party. He is staying in the Washington DC area to live. The Democrats really do not have anybody on the horizon to lead them. I suppose Nancy Pelosi will battle it out with Chuck Schumer for the bragging rights. But the DNC is in bad shape after the DCLeaks and WikiLeaks emails showing how they rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders. Obama has his fingerprints on that one, too!

While most of The Media beat the drums about how Donald Trump was destroying the Republican Party, the real story is how Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, had trashed the Democratic Party. They were already a party of far too many factions. The GOP is largely made up of 3 or 4 factions. The Democrats have a faction for every group you can think of, except maybe for White, Christian Males, who make up about a third of the country. At least a quarter, anyway! One of the pictures taking shape based on the election results is that a sizable portion of voters who elected Obama in 2008 and 2012 helped elect Trump.

If the Democrats think that making Barack Obama the reigning leader of their party is a good idea, then we may be entering a new phase in politics where the GOP might start winning the popular vote in presidential elections. One of Obama′s biggest failings was not being able to work with Congress, not even with members of his own party. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a master of negotiation. He′s all about making deals! It is what he lives for! Wheeling and dealing is what drives Trump. For him, its like mother′s milk and having sex all at the same time.

Should Trump do what I suspect he will do, which is to bring in both parties of Congress on nearly every decision, then we are about to enter a period where things get done! Where Washington actually works for the benefit of The People, not for the Globalist, Establishment Elites. If Trump pulls this off, he will transform the GOP into a ′Worker′s Party′. People who actually work and pay taxes will feel right at home in Trump Land. ″Take your shoes off. Set a spell. Ya′ll come back now, ya hear?″

The New Normal of Barack Obama will be replaced with The Golden Age of Trump. Thank God! Praise Keck! Hail Odin! Of course, there may be some flies in the ointment. There is already talk about how the ′Bushies′ are trying to wiggle their way into the Trump administration. I expected this and accept the fact that at least, initially, some old Bushies will be hired since they know The Beltway. For Trump to execute his plans for the first 100 days, they may come in handy, indeed, be essential for success. But, I am confident that once Trump gets over the first sets of hurdles, we′ll start seeing some of those Bushies getting the boot. Once the devoted Trumpers learn enough, then all will be well.

Who can say, perhaps Donald Trump will even find some use for Barack Obama in his White House? You never know? This is the great thing about Trump, he will do the unexpected and make it work. I say here and now that I would not be surprised if in the coming weeks and months, Trump and Obama become pals. I′m sure Obama wouldn′t mind a free pass at Trump′s golf courses. I said it before, we are entering Terra Incognita. A new era largely unknown and unmapped. Let us not forget that Trump was friends with Bill and Hillary Clinton. The country needs healing, and a whole lot of work accomplished. So keep your eyes on what happens because it will be history making.

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