Last night saw many protest the Donald Trump election as our next president. In several cities, from New York to Los Angeles, a coalition of groups like, BlackLivesMatter, LaRaza, and supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, took to the streets. There was violence at some of the marches, with both property damage and injuries on bystanders and police. In Los Angeles, a Hispanic woman protester told a news reporter that people would have to be killed. MSNBC fool, Rachel Maddow, and others claim that these protests were ″organic″. They just sprouted up like dandelions through the cracks in a sidewalk. Yeah, Rrrrrright!

These protest marches were organized ′flash mobs′. Social media allows for such demonstrations to be quickly thrown together. I have no doubt that there was coordination, particularly since some of the groups involved all seem to get funding from similar sources. One of which is our old nemesis, George Soros, who spreads his cash around to all of the groups involved in last night′s protest marches. He is a one-stop, ATM when it comes to Far-Left causes.

We also saw considerable activity on the Internet as celebrities tweeted hashtags like #NotMyPresident or #TwitterBlackout. Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and others like them are all aghast that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. Not that I have much faith in the National Review, but even they have concluded, based on their analysis of the exit polling data and actual election results that Trump would have beaten Barack Obama in 2012 had The Donald run. That does not surprise me one bit, which is why I was in the ′Anyone But Mitt′ camp during the 2012 GOP primaries. I, too, wish Trump had run in 2012, because I knew he was exactly the sort of candidate the Republican Party needed, a ″Street Fightin′ Man″.

I have no doubt that we will see plenty of these protests for the next several months. At least, until Trump appoints Rudy Giuliani as Attorney General and gives him a blank check to go after guys like Soros and other wealthy agitators. The Globalists would be well advised to pack their bags and head for friendlier climes. America has awaken and is filled with ″terrible resolve″. Middle America has had enough of this BS of the PC crowd. Law and Order is about to make a comeback, and even the Elites will be subject to it!

The folks who caused all of this divisiveness will also pay the price. Yep, those in The Media whom have been spreading their lies every day will have blood on their hands if the Anti-Trump protesters make good on their promise of violence. The Media was vicious in their attacks on Donald Trump and his supporters. The lies they told fueled the rage and raised the high expectations of the protesters. There were plenty of signs that this was going to be a close race and that Trump had a decent chance of winning. The Media is responsible for making so many think that Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in to win.

But, like the threat of man-made, global warming, it was a lie! I have to give kudos to Michael Moore, who acknowledges that The Media failed to present a realistic picture of what and how people thought. Naturally, he puts his own spin on things, but he is essentially correct in that there is a large segment of the population that feels left out, left behind. The Commie agitator, Van Jones, tries to make it a racial issue, referring to Tuesday vote as ″White-Lash″. But, no, race had little to do with it. As James Carville would say, ″It′s the Economy, Stupid!″

Despite all of the lies from Barack Obama and his minions in his administration, the nation′s economy never really recovered from the Crash of 2008. Sure, the Fat-Cats of Wall Street made out okay. But for the rest of the population, things suck! Nearly 95 Million Americans of work-age are unemployed. In last month′s Jobs Report, most of the 160,000 new jobs created were just part-time while we lost about 90,000 full-time jobs. One-in-Five households have nobody employed. Those in poverty and receiving food stamps have doubled under Obama. The National Debt has doubled, too! Worse yet, the financial infrastructure is still on shaky ground. Fannie Mae recently announced that they are still holding some $1 Trillion dollars worth of bad mortgages! Add to that the Student Loan Bubble and the Sovereign Debt Bubble and we are trapped in a Trouble Bubble.

This is ′The New Normal′ Barack Obama gave us. It is full of lies. Obamacare is the perfect example. Everything Obama said about the so-called, ′Affordable Care Act′ turned out to be a lie. We cannot keep our doctors or plans, the cost went up, and we still have over 30 Million uninsured Americans despite a fancy, multi-billion dollar website. Go-Daddy could have probably made a better site faster for under $100,000, and I′m being VERY generous!

Donald Trump won because he heard the complaints of Middle America and understood their beef. The Media never paid Middle America any attention, except to malign them. So, The Media spread endless lies about Trump. They basically accused him of everything, including eating Black and Hispanic babies. Middle America knew better. They had had enough of the lies from The Media. Tuesday was a revolt! Thanks to the hysteria from The Media, we now have the anarchists taking to the streets to stage a counter-revolution. Funny in that The Media had been warning everyone that the Trump People were the ones who were going to turn violent had they lost.

We shall see how this all plays out over the coming months. My guess is that it will get much worse before it gets any better. While Trump will score some points replacing Obamacare with a rational option which will function as intended, and begin major infrastructure projects that will create jobs and improve our everyday lives, other issues will continue to fan the flames of dissent. Most notably immigration and Supreme Court nominations. But if Trump succeeds in clearing the path for a genuine economic boom, that will take a lot of steam out of the protesters. Not to mention any ′Black Swan′ event which will wind up unifying the nation behind Trump.

But it is up to The Media to realize their responsibility if the protest marches against Donald Trump turn violent. For a year and a half, they have done nothing but attack Trump themselves. Only yesterday did the Huffington Post decide to change its policy and cover Trump as political news rather than in their entertainment section. You would think they would have done that after he won the GOP primaries. The Media are a bunch of liars and idiots, and are much to blame for the state of America today. If they do not clean up their own act soon, then they will be to blame for blood being spilled.

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