Rejoice! Americans have actually elected a president who loves America! Who would have thought it? Apparently not the pollsters and the usual gaggle of bozos and pundits in The Media. Yes, Donald J. Trump is the President-Elect of the United States of America! He will enter the history books as the 45th President come January 20, 2017. Trump defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton in a wild, often crazy campaign. The exit polls which The Media were relying upon seemed to have been signaling a Clinton win early in the evening. But as the 2016 Election results began to flow in, a much different picture emerged. Experts like Nate Silver got hammered by reality as Trump went from having a 1-in-4 chance to inevitably a 99.9% chance of winning. So how did this happen? Why were so many so wrong?

Donald Trump Wins

The simple answer is that Liberals exist on lies. They lie to the country. They lie amongst themselves. Their whole view of the universe is based on lies. Normally, the lies are so many that a public brainwashed by The Media accepts the lies as gospel truth. But, sooner or later, the lies just pile up into one, huge pile of stink. Much like what happens during a garbage strike. People who were once pro-union suddenly want the strikers to go back to work as the stench ruins the lives of the ordinary people.

Donald Trump promised his supporters that he was going to shatter the Blue State Firewall, and he did just that! Trump won the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, something which has not happened since 1988. He won is Wisconsin, which has not went for a Republican president since 1984. While the votes are still being counted, Trump has a narrow lead even in the State of Michigan. How could he achieve these miracles?

Two reasons. First, Trump worked hard! Unlike John McCain and Mitt Romney, both of whom basically threw in the towel after the debates, Donald Trump went on a tear. He crisscrossed America doing three, four, five rallies in as many states everyday. And I mean RALLIES! Huge crowds numbering 10,000 to 30,000 people at an event, with thousands more lined up outside wanting to join the fun! The experts said that Trump had no ground game. He didn′t need it, he had an army! Trump wasn′t playing a game, he was out to conquer!

The second reason why Donald Trump is now the President-Elect is because Hillary Clinton just plain sucks! Seriously, she had more baggage than the cargo hold of a Boeing 747. Nobody likes her. Even the most devoted supporter could not recall one significant triumph of her career as Secretary of State. Even as a US Senator for New York she had little to offer. Before that, all she was was Bill Clinton′s wife whom he cheated on regularly. As Michelle Obama once quipped, if you cannot run your own house, how can you run a country?

So there it is. Hillary blew it. In more ways than one. She abused her power. She took the ′real people′ for granted. Plus, she is just not the friendliest person to be around. Hillary avoided even her own allies in The Media, not doing interviews or press conferences. Much of the campaign, she only would do one or two rallies per week. She fooled herself that the election was in the bag, even while many around her tried to warn otherwise. Hillary believed her own lies and that is why she lost.

There is no doubt that the 2016 presidential election is an anomaly. I forget which pundit said it last night, I was flipping channels catching bits and pieces from everyone. One pundit compared 2016 to 1828 when ′Old Hickory′, Andrew Jackson won. That was a campaign against the money interests by The People. Others compare this to 1980 when Ronald Reagan won despite the polls favoring Jimmy Carter. Donald Trump led the way in his crusade against The Establishment Globalists. His victory is complete, having majorities in both the House and the Senate. We can expect the Trump administration to accomplish much during its honeymoon in Washington.

So are you shocked, surprised or confused over the 2016 Election results? Does the idea of President-Elect Donald J. Trump give you cause to celebrate or to despair? Are you planning on leaving the country? Or do you look forward to the great adventure ahead? Like it or not, Donald Trump will be our 45th President. The People have spoken! Hillary Clinton did not even win the support of most White Women, let alone White Men. In fact, Trump′s largest margin of victory came from White women without a college degree. With Blacks and Hispanics, Trump outperformed Mitt Romney. A whole lot of Democrats and Republican ′Cucks′ are going to be wallowing in their booze and drugs for months to come. Their world has been shattered by Trump the Conqueror!

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