″Hee-Bee, Jee-Bee, Chili-Beanie, the spirits are about to speak!″ But are they friendly spirits? Or are they into spirit cooking? Yes, today is Election Day 2016 and it is time to consult the spirit world for a psychic prediction on the results. The polling is done and most of the public ones show Hillary Clinton winning. A few show Donald Trump leading, and many of the private, internal polls from key states show a Trump victory. So what does our crystal ball say? Let us find out from that Master of the Tarot, Zarnack The Great! I warn you now, you may not like his answers! Zarnack has done his standard, ten-card, Celtic Cross spread of cards. Here are the results…

2016 Election Psychic Prediction

At the center, we have the 3 of Cups, crossed over by the 4 of Wands, both reversed. Then comes the the 2 of Pentacles, the 3 of Swords, Strength, all reversed, followed by the 8 of Cups, the only card in the whole layout that is right-side up. Finally, we have the 5 of Cups, the Queen of Swords, the 10 of Swords and the 10 of Cups, all reversed.

Now, Zarnack explains that the Tarot is very much like a psychic jigsaw puzzle. You get enough pieces to imagine what the big picture is. In this case, with nearly every card in reverse, the picture is not a good one. So let us get what all of the pieces mean and figure out just what that picture is.

So, at the core, we have the 3of Cups in reverse. This is an interesting card given the circumstances and the subject matter. It indicates a lack of understanding of what is going on. That intuition is coming up short. Crossing over this is the 4 of Wands in reverse, a very untidy, disorderly card. A sort of ″Get your sh*t together″ card. Hmm, not a good way to start!

At the base of the Celtic Cross is the 2 of Pentacles in reverse, indicating weakness, a lack of work, a lack of profit and or opportunity. Here we are clearly seeing what has been going on for the past few years since Barack Obama has been in the White House. Th next card deals with the more recent past, time-wise. The 3 of Swords in this case indicates confusion and uncertainty. But, it also tells us that clarity and understanding are around the corner.

That corner being the next card, the very recent past or passing influences, at the top of the Celtic Cross. In this case, Strength, in reverse. This is the only ′Major Arcane′ card in the layout. Strength in reverse translates to Mercy. Some tolerance and relief. The next card gives us an inkling to the future and upcoming trends. The 8 of Cups being upright gives us a blending of emotions with reason and common sense. Not a bad thing to have, especially for a long trend as far as influences go.

The 7th card now takes us into the heart of the future, starting with your immediate surroundings and acquaintances. The 5 of Cups reversed usually indicates too much intuition, too much emotion. A sort of psychic overload. Zarnack explains this as a refection of the overall weariness this election cycle has brought upon us. The ups and downs, the scandals and lies. There has been too much drama and we are tired of it. The next card deals with external views and opinions. The Queen of Swords in reverse shows undirected energy, misguided actions and thoughts. I′ll let you think about that one for a moment.

Now we get to the two big cards. The 9th card of the Celtic Cross shows us our fears and hopes. The 10 of Swords in reverse reveals that nothing gets done! There is no resolution. Then we have the 10th card, the Final Outcome card. In this case, the 10 of Cups in reverse. FAILURE! The desired outcome crashes and burns.

The big question is who fails??? Hillary or Trump? Or America itself? Zarnack The Great sees too much bad news in the overall picture. He suspects that ′The Cards′ are warning us that Hillary may win. Of course, he explains, that it could also be that it is Hillary who fails. After all, the general consensus is that she has this election locked up. Let us go back to that Queen of Swords in reverse. Those misguided actions and thoughts. We are looking at the public view, here, with the 8th card. The polls, those public ones, are of the opinion that Hillary Clinton will win. From that perspective, Zarnack explains that the outcome concerns her, not Donald Trump. Remember the 6th card, the long-term trend card, being the 8 of Cups in a positive mode. Common sense prevails!

So there it is! Our 2016 Election Day psychic prediction. Zarnack The Great shows us that there will be a significant failure in the results. That is the final outcome. It would seem logical to presume that the cards are telling us that there will be a major upset. If such is the case, Donald Trump winning would be such a major upset, resulting from common sense prevailing. But, like all tools, there is always another side to the coin. A second edge or function. I guess that just as nearly every poll shows the presidential race so close that it falls within the margin of error, even our crystal ball, our window to the spirit world, is just as confused as all of the reams of digitized data. Sorry, folks, but its going to be either a very long night, or something really wild is going to happen.

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