The latest WikiLeaks bombshell that came out yesterday was an email from Doug Band to John Podesta charging that Chelsea Clinton may have allegedly used charity money to fund her lavish lifestyle the past ten years. Even pay for her wedding and helping her husband start a hedge fund! Keep in mind that her husband, Marc Mezinsky, is the son of Edward Mezinsky, who was found guilty of fraud in 2001. Seems that Daddy Mez was a busy guy, embezzling some $10 Million dollars in Ponzi schemes and was even involved in those silly Nigerian email scams. He wound up pleading guilty to 31 of the 69 felony charges he was indicted with, and served about 5 years. The apple may not have fallen far from the tree since Marc′s hedge fund, Eaglevale Partners, is going down the tubes after losing around 90% of its portfolio!

Chelsea Clinton Wedding

This new email from Doug Band was part of a series to John Podesta where Band was complaining, and perhaps warning, about Chelsea Clinton, who wanted a piece of Band′s company, Teneo. It was through Teneo that Doug Band raised large sums of cash for the Clinton Family Foundation charities, as well as fat pay checks for Bill Clinton. Such as an honorary chancellorship with Laureate International University worth $17.5 Million dollars to Bubba from 2009 through 2015. Laurete U, along with other donors whom Band made similar duo deals with for Bill Clinton and his charity org, received special attention from the State Department thanks to the pay-for-play access. Or so Doug Band bragged!

The email released by WikiLeaks yesterday was dated January 18, 2012. Band warns Podesta, and also Cheryl Mills, that Chelsea Clinton may have used Foundation charity money ″well into 8 figures″ to pay for her wedding to Marc Mezinsky. Band also alludes to Chelsea using charity funds for her own personal use for some ten years to avoid paying taxes, or actually working for a living. Plus the added bonus of using charity funds to help start her husband′s hedge fund company. Band also accused Chelsea of using her family name to make calls and arrange for meetings with Foundation donors for her husband to secure investments. Some of which include Goldman Sachs, with whom Chelsea herself worked for at one time, and institutions like CalPers, the California State employees retirement fund. Too bad those investments with Chelsea′s husband turned out to be so bad!

All I can say is that this is just ′par-for-the-course′ when it comes to the Clinton family crime syndicate. Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton really are a bunch of crooks! We always suspected that the charity money was not being spent to actually help people. Some estimates show as little as 8% to 15% of the money raised by the Clinton Global Initiative and other divisions of the Clinton Foundation went to do anything worthwhile. That would include silly crap like funding some old bat to do ′spirit cooking′ as a performance art.

Are you surprised that Chelsea Clinton may have used Clinton Foundation charity money to fund her lavish wedding and lifestyle? Will WikiLeaks drop anymore bombshells like this email between Doug Band and John Podesta between today and tomorrow. Will this email, and the rest of those published by WikiLeaks have any impact on the outcome of the 2016 election? Might these emails unravel the full extent of the criminal behavior of the Clinton family in time before they destroy America?

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