FBI Director James Comey was very correct when he said back in July that Hillary Clinton was ″extremely careless″ when handling classified material. The New York Post today is reporting that at times, Hillary had her maid print up documents emailed to her private server. Did the maid have security clearance? Did she go through the usual, lengthy background check? Nope! Hillary Clinton is not only a national disgrace, but is too irresponsible to hold any elected or appointed office. She certainly should have her security clearance revoked and not allowed within 100 miles of any federal facility. Except, perhaps, a super-max prison where I′m sure we can accommodate her for the rest of her life in an 8ft by 6ft prison cell.

I′ll even go as far to say that anyone who votes for her should be indicted as an accomplice to Hillary Clinton under the Espionage Act. What else can you do if somebody is going to allow this criminal to have access to our nation′s secrets? Voting for her is the same as unlocking a door or hacking a computer. Any act which allows Hillary to put her grubby fingers on sensitive material should be viewed in this way.

Yeah, I know, there are going to be some 55 to 60 million fools voting for her by the time November 8 ends. Given that Barack Obama yesterday ordered illegal immigrants to vote for Hillary Clinton, he should be locked up, too! Of course, Obama has committed many crimes, too, both while in Washington and even before that back in Illinois when he was just a state senator.

After all, it was a bill which was approved by Obama as head of the Illinois State Health and Human Services Committee which caused a hospital administrator to be threatened by thugs of the Illinois Combine which led to the administrator reporting the threats to the FBI. That launched Operation Boardgame which led to some 27 convictions of state officials and other characters, like Obama′s next door neighbor, Tony Rezko. It was Operation Boardgames which also led to an FBI wiretap on Gov. Rod Blagonivich when he was recorded trying to sell Obama′s US Senate seat. Had Obama not been elected president, he would have been rounded up as well during that investigation.

The corruption and insane stupidity just never ends when it comes to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. More news is breaking on more millions of dollars that the Clinton Foundation received or failed to report receiving. Including a million dollar check from the government of Qatar. I wonder if that was the check which was meant to be a personal, birthday present to Bill Clinton as relieved in the WikiLeaks emails of John Podesta? The situation just keeps getting worse and worse as the truth finally comes out.

Before you start blaming the FBI or the GOP, try blaming the Democratic Party for allowing crooks like Obama and the Clinton family to run amok. Ultimately, they should have been more responsible making sure that their candidates were not criminals. The DNC is not clean, either, having rigged the primary season against Bernie Sanders and paying for thugs to disrupt Donald Trump rallies. Add to that the crimes against US citizens in general for mismanaging cities, counties, states and the nation as a whole. If you wonder where urban blight came from, just look for a Democrat!

So are any of you still planning to vote for Hillary Clinton despite this latest news about how she had her maid print out and handle classified materials? If you are, then I have no respect for you whatsoever! You are no better than the lying Media, a union thug, or an enemy spy or terrorist. A vote for Hillary is a vote for criminality. Highly organized crime at that! When this election is over, I predict a tidal wave, a 100ft tall tsunami, of leaks from the FBI which will hopefully, wash away this plague of corruption from our nation. Now is the time to truly ′DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!′

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