No, John Podesta is not going to have his own TV show about spirit cooking on the Food Network! Though I would be amused if Alton Brown were to do one of his ′scientific′ takes on the subject. With just three days left to go before the 2016 Election Day, if you thought this campaign could not get weirder, it just did! Thanks to WikiLeaks, #PodestaEmails 27, we now know that the CEO of the Hillary Clinton campaign is a Satanist! Or a Wiccan, or some sort of dabbler in the ′Dark Arts′. We also learn that when Podesta is thinking about ordering a pizza, he doesn′t mean some baked bread dough covered with cheese, sauce and other toppings.

Spirit Cooking

I′m not going to delve too much into spirit cooking recipes involving semen and breast milk. Nor about Podesta′s code language on the difference between a ′cheese pizza′ (a young girl), and a ′regular pizza′ (a female, presumably of legal age). It might be helpful if somebody on the Alt-Right were to post a meme on 4-Chan /pol/ showing the John Podesta version of the pyramid for food groups. I would do it myself, but then, as James Carville might say, I could ″Burn in Hell!″ Apparently, Hell does not mean much to Podesta and any other Satanists working at the Hillary Clinton campaign.

One point I do want, or need, to make on this subject is how the Cucks, that′s short-hand for Cuckservatives, are reacting to this latest gem from WikiLeaks. None other than Katie Palvich, darling of Fox News, the National Review and Townhall, is actually defending Podesta and his devilish ways! Thanks to Katie, we now know that Satanists are the original Conservatives! They are mindful and respectful of traditions and preserving the Olde Ways. She even dragged in how this is merely an ′art form′. No need to get worked up or worried that Hillary Clinton is in league with Aleister Crowley and Lucifer.

I′m surprised that Glenn Beck hasn′t come to the defense, either, since he has been known to do a little spirit cooking live on TV, offering sacrificial frogs to Almighty Keck. Maybe Beck figured that Katie Pavlich had covered this base adequately? All I can say is that this is undoubtedly the weirdest presidential campaign I have ever seen. Hillary Clinton has the strangest bunch of weirdos and outright creeps one could assemble on her team. Worst of all is that people who claim to be Conservatives, perhaps even Christians, are defending this insanity!

Last night on the SyFy Channel, the ″Z Nation″ ′Election Day′ episode was aired, where two con-artists pretending to be the President of the United States had a debate in front of some Zombie Apocalypse survivors. One pitched a plan to build a zombie-proof wall while the other proposed digging a series of large holes and baiting them with convicts to trap zombies. Even though this was rather humorous, what is really funny is that even this piece of fiction falls short compared to what we are reading in the WikiLeaks emails of John Podesta. Not to mention falling short of the reaction by so-called Conservatives!

We still have most of the writers of the National Review, American Spectator and the Weekly Standard propping up Hillary Clinton is the better, more moral and ethical option than voting for Donald Trump. Taken in their totality, the emails of John Podesta released by Julian Assange of WikiLeaks paints an extraordinary picture. One depicting Bill and Hillary Clinton as perhaps the biggest crooks in America, if not the Earth itself! Bill and Hillary have their grubby fingers in just about every pot imaginable. On top of that, you have the American News Media, Hollywood, the State Department, the Justice Department, the White House, the IRS and even the Pentagon protecting the Clinton Crime machine!

This stink has gone way past just simple corruption. Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Franklin would be astounded as to just how far their dream has failed. Our government, our entire society is rotten to the core! WikiLeaks has exposed the entire, stinking mess, if you have the stomach to really take it all in. There seems to be no limit, no crime, no moral act or ethical standard that the Clinton Crime machine have not exploited. As bad as their behavior was during the 1990s, they have gone completely off the rails since 2000. They are an absolute affront to common sense and decency.

Which brings me to my concluding point. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote against God and all that is good. Only the stupid and the insane would attempt to compare anything Donald Trump may have done or even falsely accused of doing to what Bill and Hillary Clinton have done. Nobody, not even the liars in The Media, have been able to argue that the information in the John Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks is faked. There is no other conclusion but that it is all true. Bill and Hillary Clinton are among the most evil, and I mean E-V-I-L, people in America, if not the planet! And, if that were not bad enough, the people they surround themselves with, like John Podesta, who is apparently versed in the pagan rituals of spirit cooking, are just as bad. You vote for Hillary and you will get the whole, rotten, bloody mess of them! I′ve always thought of myself as being hard to astound, but this election cycle has set a new level. God keep the Foundation!

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