Today marks just 4 more days left to go in the US Election of 2016. The polls continue to show Donald Trump closing gaps and taking leads across America. Hillary Clinton is running out of steam. She has no arguments left, and is tired, worn out. While ′high-energy′ Donald Trump has at least 11 events planned in some 7 states over the next 3 days, Hillary barely has the stamina to do one event a day now. In North Carolina, she even forgot what city she is in. The Media is going spastic with the latest twists and turns. Including outfits like Google, which for the past two days have only shown 3 trending topics on Wednesday and 2 on Thursday, all sports related with barely 50,000 visits each. Normally, they would list at least 10 per day with a few near 200,000 hits. Meanwhile, CBS News is reporting that the FBI has found State Department emails on the Anthony Weiner laptop. Fox News reports that the FBI found a ′Trifecta′ of emails on Weiner′s laptop, including Clinton Foundation and others from Hillary′s private server.

Some new polls from various states once thought to be part of the Hillary Clinton ′firewall′ are showing otherwise. Michigan is now ′too close to call′ as a City of Detroit official reports that absentee ballots are way down, only about 65,000 issued. In 2008, there were over 85,000 and in 2012, about 75,000. The Commonwealth of Virginia is now narrowing as stories of FBI revolts and Clinton Foundation pay-for-play scandals mount. In some polls, Hillary is now less liked than Donald Trump with negatives over 50%. CNN has shifted 4 states today in favor of Donald Trump, putting Hillary Clinton below the needed 270 Electoral College votes for the first time in this election cycle.

You know things are happening when Ted Cruz actually crawled out of his hole to campaign for Trump! Cruz is obviously smelling a Trump victory and knows he has to jump on board the bandwagon if he wants a future in politics. Old Lyin′ Ted made two appearances with Mike Pence in order to salvage his career. Even a couple of people from the National Review are starting to write some pro-Trump articles. I wouldn′t be surprised if Glenn Beck were to change his tune on Monday!

Some tunes never change, though. Take Barack Obama, who has been on the campaign trail for Hillary. In a pair of speeches, taking some 84 minutes, he mentioned himself some 270 times! That is less than once every 20 second! What an egomaniac. Obama is still deranged as always. I bet he wishes he had made an effort to amend the Constitution so he could run for a third term. Or maybe, at least, push for Joe Biden to run instead of Hillary. Its obvious Obama knows he′s wasting his time helping her.

So with just 4 days left to go in the US Election 2016 campaign, Donald Trump clearly has the wind at his back. Hillary Clinton has the FBI on her tail. Looks like it is only a matter of time before she and her staffers start getting indictments. The Democratic Party is pulling out all the stops, including perhaps causing Direct TV to not show Fox News in Florida and North Carolina. Nothing would surprise me at this point. As I mentioned earlier, Google seems to be doing some serious censorship. Well, what do you expect?

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