Several news stories came out yesterday that may be causing more panic within the Hillary Clinton campaign. Fox News is reporting that the FBI has been investigating the Clinton Foundation charities for about a year now and that indictments are possible. The Wall Street Journal backs up that story with one of their own concerning a war brewing between the FBI and the Department of Justice over this probe. The DOJ apparently has been trying to get the FBI to shut it down, but agents at some 4 or 5 field offices of the FBI are standing firm. Then we have more WikiLeaks, Podesta emails batch #26, which show a cozy relationship between John Podesta and Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik. One email shows that Kadzik may have been tipping off Podesta about the FBI probes into the email server and the Clinton Foundation.

If those stories were not bad enough, back on Tuesday, the New York Times and other sources were reporting that Black voter turnout is way down in 2016 compared to 2012. By as much as 15% to 25% in some key states which have early voting. Then we have Investors Business Daily reporting that its polling is showing that Trump has about the same support as Mitt Romney did. This is counter to other polling results. Mind you, that is not great news but it is not bad news, either. The Donald Trump campaign has launched a last minute effort to sway women voters which includes a major speech tonight from Melania Trump near Philadelphia.

Speaking of Pennsylvania, it is one of several ′Blue States′ which appear to be breaking late in Trump′s favor. Along with Michigan, Colorado and even Minnesota, there are signs in the latest polls showing Trump′s odds are improving as far as the Electoral College map is concerned. The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Trump today at about 266 versus Hillary Clinton at 272 Electoral College votes. Just two weeks ago, the RCP average had Trump at barely 215, so he has made considerable progress of late.

There seems little doubt now that between the Obamacare price increases, WikiLeaks and the FBI probes, Hillary Clinton is losing ground rapidly. Her hopes of winning in Nevada seem to be evaporating as early voting is show Trump ahead in the heavily Democratic leaning Clark County, home of Las Vegas. Her chances of flipping Red States like Arizona and Georgia have dwindled as well. About a month ago, many ′experts′ were claiming that Trump might not even win 200 Electoral College votes. Some had him as low as finishing with just 165. But, I have been saying all along that there are only really three potential outcomes next Tuesday. Hillary, or Trump, winning by a nose, or a huge Trump landslide! A Hillary landslide was never in my crystal ball.

The great unknown factor are the ′Silent Majority′ voters. This is a group made up of people who either have never voted before, not voted in a while, or were part of the old ′Reagan Democrats′ whom have not voted Republican since 1988. As we saw during the primary season, Trump won with large numbers of these voters turning out. Given how many states had no primary, some not even a caucus, we could see many more now show up. Pennsylvania, for example, could easily swing Trump′s way if Black and young voters are not as enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton. Keep in mind that during the primary, Trump won in EVERY county and district in PA. No Republican has ever done that before!

Aside from the election impact on the latest emails from WikiLeaks, it looks like this whole argument about Russia being behind the hacks may have been in error. There are more stories that it leaked emails went to WikiLeaks from a source inside The Beltway! Just as I have been saying all along. This may give more credibility to rumors about how the ′Dark Government′, namely NSA and CIA employees, are out to get revenge for Hillary′s abuse of National Security while using her private email server. One of the items Fox News reported yesterday was that their FBI sources say there was a ″99%″ chance that at least 5 foreign intelligence services had hacked her server, downloading everything on it.

One of the reasons why Russia is probably not the source for WikiLeaks, is that if they did hack her server, it makes more sense to keep that on the ′QT′ so they can use the material for blackmail. We have seen that Bill and Hillary Clinton have had a very cozy relationship with Russia all along. Speaking fees from Russian banks, companies, permits from the State Department for Russia enterprises, plus donations to the Clinton Foundation. I think this is clearly a case much like the Obama ′hot mic′ episode where she′ll do Putin′s bidding after she is elected. Even after saying mean things about him.

With just five days left to go before Election Day 2016, the presidential race could not be any tighter. The latest batch of polls show many states dead even, including some that are historically Blue States. Nearly all of the Red States are firmly with Donald Trump. For Hillary Clinton, the polls are less favorable since the news of the FBI probe became public. The key, battleground states are all within the margin of error and her lead in important Blue States has dwindled. November 8 could be a rough one with results delayed late Tuesday night, if not till sometime Wednesday. Voter turnout is more important than ever. Even a transit strike in Philadelphia could have a major impact. So stay calm and take it easy. Whatever is going to happen next week regardless of any individual stress or angst. Donald Trump seems to have the momentum now while Hillary Clinton is on the defensive. In a few weeks, she may become a defendant! Who can say?

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