I am certain that regular readers will know why I voted for Donald J. Trump to be our next President of the United States of America. We often feel like our choices boil down to the lesser of two evils. But this year, that is not the case. Sure, Hillary Rodham Clinton is evil! No doubt about it! She has blood on her hands. People have been needlessly killed because of her decisions and actions. Then there is all of the corruption and crooked deals. On top of that, she has enabled not only her own husband to be a sexual predator and abuser, but, as we learned in the latest WikiLeaks emails, Podesta Batch #25, her staff knew all about Huma Abedin′s husband, Anthony Weiner, sexting with possible minors way back in 2011. Still, Hillary tries to pretend to be for women and children. What hypocrisy!

Donald Trump may be no angel, but he is hardly evil. I can honestly say that he is a good man at his core. Trump tries to do his best. He means well and usually succeeds at achieving those goals. As I have been writing for over a year, ever since Trump announced his candidacy, he is the ′Change Agent′ we have all longed for. A businessman who will bring common sense and reason to Washington DC.

I have often called Donald Trump ″America′s Pharaoh″. Who better to build a real wall along our borders to properly secure them? Who better to rebuild and repair our failing infrastructures? Who better to turn the American economy back into a robust, growing machine? Trump understands the ′Real World′. He is not caught in the usual, self-delusional trap that is Washington politics.

Whether you call yourself a ′Conservative′, or a ′Capitalist′, as I do, being rooted in reality is essential. From the very beginning, with his first speech, Trump laid out the core of his campaign. Renegotiating ridiculous trade deals which permit other nations to rob us blind of our jobs, industries and wealth. Securing our borders to keep out those who have no desire to add to the American Dream, only steal and rape it. Rebuilding our roads, bridges, and other vital, public structures and systems which we require to live our daily lives.

Trump has spent a lifetime dealing with steel, brick, mortar, and concrete. In 2009, our government wasted over a TRILLION DOLLARS and what do we have to show for it? Where are all of those, ′shovel-ready′ projects which were suppose to create jobs and benefit our nation? Oh yeah, some town in Arkansas bought a lawn mower and claims to have hired four people. Or a grant to a university to put jumbo shrimp on a treadmill. This is the sort of nonsense we get from career politicians who live in the fantasy land of Washington, DC.

Make no mistake, a lot of Republicans are to blame for this crap. But we don′t tag Democrats with ′Tax and Spend′ for no good reason. Since the 1960s, when Lyndon Baines Johnson began his ′Great Society′ and ′War on Poverty′ programs, America has pissed away some $15 TRILLION DOLLARS and we are no better off for it! The Poverty Rate is the same now as it was then, if not worse. Many of our largest cities are rotting hulks. I live in Detroit and it is in far worse condition now than it was before LBJ.

Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air. He has been bucking The System since his early days as a developer in Manhattan. Trump fought with the city, banks, Wall Street and The Knickerbocker Establishment, to work his magic in New York City. Donald Trump is one of those people who has the ′Vision Thing′. He can look at a piece of rundown, trash-filled land and see a skyscraper, gleaming against the horizon. Trump has a track record of making the impossible a reality. That is exactly the sort of skill our nation so desperately needs right now.

Our country needs a man like Donald J. Trump to be our next President of the United States. That is why I voted for him. I voted for him back during the primaries for the same reason. Add to that, the Republican Party, and for that matter the Conservative Movement, needs a leader who can actually lead. There is no doubt that a new broom is required to sweep out the dust and manure which has been piling up over the decades. Not just in the GOP, but in Washington, too! So, wherever you live, whatever you think you know, I appeal to you to consider voting for Donald Trump. Do you want a person rooted in reality who has vision, or a person who is corrupt and is only interested in selling us out to the highest bidder? The choice is simple in my opinion. Trump good, Hillary evil. Take your pick!

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