There is now just one week left to go in the 2016 Presidential race. With Election Day drawing near, both the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns are in overdrive. While Hillary scrambles to repel new accusations amid the FBI email probe, the New York Times is attempting to stir up more innuendo about Trump′s taxes. Not that the tax issue worked much before in hurting Trump, the new story still lacks any criminal intent. I guess the Democrats and their allies in The Media have run out of women to accuse Trump of sexual harassment. Hardly anyone took notice of the last few, especially after one turned out to be a porn star.

Meanwhile, the latest WikiLeaks are widening the trauma within the Clinton campaign with emails concerning collusion between Donna Brazile and Hillary. Seems that there is email evidence that Brazile did provide questions to Hillary before a CNN debate between Hillary and Bernie Sanders. CNN decided yesterday to end their relationship with Brazile. Julian Assange has promised a ′Phase 3′ attack between now and Election Day, by expanding the scope of the emails released.

With the polls tightening, both nationwide and in key states, the Trump campaign has received more assistance from GOP supporters. Sheldon Adelson is putting another $25 Million up for a Trump Super PAC. Peter Theil delivered an excellent endorsement speech yesterday at the National Press Club. Theil laid out the definitive argument for why Donald Trump is the rational choice to be our next president. Trump has been barnstorming America staying on message at his huge rallies. He has been blasting Hillary Clinton on her corruption issues while going positive with his ′Drain-the-Swamp′ and urban renewal plans, as well as the usual ′Classic-Trump′ points on immigration, trade and jobs.

While Team Hillary tries to bash James Comey now for not going public about the FBI looking into possible Paul Manafort connections with Russia, her own email troubles continue to mount. Efforts to dismiss the renewed FBI probe are falling short as a federal judge approved issuing a warrant with cause for the FBI to read the 650,000 emails on Anthony Weiner′s laptop. On the subject of Russia, which even the NY Times now admits there is no direct connection with Trump, seems that John Podesta may have some ties, too, as well as others through the Clinton Global Initiative. Author Peter Schwiezer′s book, ″Clinton Cash″, detailed how CGI donors benefited when the State Department approved mining permits to a Russian company for 20% of US uranium sources. On top of everything else, we have the massive spike in Obamacare premium costs as the new enrollment period begins today.

Hillary Clinton is in deep trouble. Her campaign is running out of time and steam. The momentum is with Donald Trump with just one week left to go before Election Day 2016. All of Bill and Hillary Clinton scandals over the years are catching up with them. The WikiLeaks emails, along with the FBI probe, is unraveling their lies and money-making schemes. These next seven days could turn out to be even more shocking, as the level of corruption is exposed for all to see.

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